Alberstone, Dan

Dan Alberstone

Dan Alberstone has nearly 30 years of broad experience prosecuting and defending major commercial and complex business litigation matters. Alberstone has been selected as lead trial counsel by both institutional and individual clients in their most significant and high-profile matters, including partnership cases, real estate cases, breach of contract cases, entertainment cases, environmental cases, and cases alleging unfair business practices.

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Arbuckle, Melinda

Melinda Arbuckle

Melinda Arbuckle works in the Employment Law Group for Baron & Budd, representing workers who were not fairly paid or were not given proper notice that they would be let go from their jobs.  As a former law clerk in the Northern District of Texas, Melinda enjoys the challenge of Federal employment cases.  Now an associate attorney at Baron & Budd, Melinda routinely handles complex multi-party and class action cases.

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Baron, Steve

Steve Baron

Baron & Budd shareholder Steve Baron is an accomplished litigator known for his tenacity in pursuing justice for victims of corporate misconduct. Baron leads one of the nations’ most aggressive litigation teams, representing clients in cases with some of the largest verdicts and settlements for people with mesothelioma and asbestos diseases as well as those who have been harmed by unsafe pharmaceuticals.

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Baughman, Laura

Laura Baughman

Laura Baughman’s position at Baron & Budd calls upon her to exercise her knowledge both as an attorney and environmental engineer, most notably in California Proposition 65 pollution cases. And as managing shareholder of the firm’s Qui Tam Litigation Group, Laura focuses on strategies to ferret out and litigate against those who have perpetrated fraud against the government.

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Blackburn, Stephen

Stephen Blackburn

Stephen Blackburn remembers the precise moment he decided to study law. In his home state of Florida, he attended a county commission meeting to speak out against a company planning to build a cement plant that would spew dioxin and other pollutants into the air. The company threatened to sue the county if it placed a citizens’ initiative on the ballot to raise air quality standards in the area.

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Boling, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Boling

Jeremiah Boling works at the Louisiana office of Baron & Budd. He is the newest member of the firm’s Mesothelioma Litigation Group. Originally from the South, Boling is a Georgia native and attended Mississippi State University where he received a degree in Political Science. He then moved to Louisiana to attend law school at Tulane University. During law school, Boling served as managing editor of the Sports Lawyers Journal.

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Budd, Russell

Russell Budd

Russell W. Budd is a major force in the world of plaintiff’s attorneys, having devoted his three decade career to championing the rights of people and communities injured by corporate malfeasance. Currently Budd presides over one of the nation’s largest plaintiff’s firms, Baron & Budd, PC, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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Burke Pickrel, Carla

Carla Burke

Carla Burke Pickrel, an attorney and shareholder with Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group, began her legal career with the firm’s appellate section. She has a gift for writing and oral advocacy that has been very persuasive in the MTBE Multi-District Litigation cases. Carla has also authored and presented numerous papers and presentations on the topics of toxic tort and water contamination litigation and premises liability law.

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Burton, Ryan

Ryan Burton

Ryan Burton has worked as an associate attorney for Baron & Budd since 2010.  His practice focuses on representing employees in collective action and class action litigation concerning rights asserted under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the Worker Adjustment Retraining and Notification (“WARN”) Act.

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Butler, Alicia

Alicia Butler

Alicia Butler has worked with Baron & Budd in numerous roles, ranging from major toxic exposure cases to other wide-sweeping consumer cases. Currently, Ms. Butler focuses on pharmaceutical litigation, as well as whistleblower/qui tam cases and Medicare fraud cases. Previously, Ms. Butler worked on a variety of toxic exposure cases with Baron & Budd that impacted thousands of people harmed by dangerous toxins.

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Cannella, David

David Cannella

David Cannella is an attorney at the New Orleans office of Baron & Budd. As a member of our Mesothelioma Litigation Group, David’s practice is focused on serving asbestos victims across the state of Louisiana.

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Clancy, Denyse

Denyse Clancy

Shareholder Denyse Clancy is head of the firm’s asbestos litigation and appellate sections. She is licensed to practice law in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and has a nationwide trial and appellate practice. Valedictorian of her law school class, Denyse’s passion for the law and her clients has led to her extraordinary success both at trial and on appeal.

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Clark, Brittany

Brittany Clark

As a member of Baron & Budd’s Pharmaceutical Litigation Group, Brittany Clark works closely with clients suffering from serious health problems after using various pharmaceuticals, such as Risperdal, Lipitor, Testosterone therapy drugs, Zoloft, GranuFlo, transvaginal mesh and several others.

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Colley, Christopher

Christopher Colley

Christopher Colley has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of asbestos victims and seeking compensation for their injuries. Chris worked with the Dallas-based law firm Silber Pearlman and the Baton Rouge based law firm of LeBlanc & Waddell until the firm consolidated with Baron & Budd in 2008.

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Cotten, Chad

Chad Cotten

Chad Cotten’s convictions as a lawyer are founded on his resolute belief that the law is the bedrock of civilization and the cornerstone of the democracy in which we live. “The law is how we order society without resorting to violence and brute force. It protects all people, not just those with power,” he says. “Therefore, the law is very important to me, and the best way to participate in the process of law is to practice it.”

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Espino, Irma


Irma Espino is an attorney with Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group, where she works primarily with clients who have been harmed by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Irma is proud to be part of a team that has helped clients affected by the spill and her work has contributed significantly to its success.

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Evangelisti, Celeste

Celeste Evangelisti

Celeste Evangelisti, a shareholder in the Environmental Litigation Group at Baron & Budd, has devoted the bulk of her career to helping individuals, municipalities and water suppliers obtain recovery of costs to clean up contamination. A tenacious fighter for environmental responsibility, Ms. Evangelisti has been nominated twice for Public Justice’s prestigious “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award (2009, 2013) and was named a “Texas Super Lawyer” for three straight years (Thompson Reuters, 2003-2005).

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Fernandes, David

David Fernandes

David Fernandes joined Baron & Budd’s California office in August 2014. He represents clients across the United States in class action litigation involving automobile safety, fraudulent banking practices, and deceptive advertising.

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Harper, Ann

Ann Harper

Ann Harper has spent her career representing workers who have developed mesothelioma and other serious illnesses caused by exposure to asbestos. She is an attorney in Baron & Budd’s settlement department, where she works through the issues necessary to get the firm’s clients compensation in their lawsuits and to pursue their claims through bankruptcy trust funds.

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Haynie, Matthew

Matthew Haynie

Matthew Haynie is an attorney in Baron & Budd’s Pharmaceutical Group, where he represents individuals who have suffered serious injuries after taking a dangerous prescription drug or having a defective medical device implanted. His litigation experience stems from cases involving transvaginal mesh, testosterone therapy, Risperdal, Xarelto, and several other prescription drugs and medical devices.

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Johnston, Stephen

Stephen Johnston

A hard-working and determined advocate, shareholder Stephen Johnston has served Baron & Budd clients since 1997. Stephen puts his degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences to good use as an attorney with the firm’s Environmental Litigation Group, representing individuals and communities seeking clean-up costs for contaminated water supplies. He also served for several years in the law firm’s asbestos litigation group.

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Kale, J. Todd

Todd Kale

J. Todd Kale is a shareholder with Baron & Budd. He joined the firm in 2008 when the firm consolidated with Dallas-based law firm Silber Pearlman. Todd worked with mesothelioma sufferers and other victims of asbestos-related disease at Silber Pearlman from 1993 and continues that work at Baron & Budd.

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Kuruppillai, Sangeeta

Sangeeta Kuruppillai

Sangeeta Kuruppillai first worked for Baron & Budd in 2010 as an attorney in our environmental group, reviewing discovery documents for cases involving atrazine, an herbicide which has been linked to prostate and breast cancer and is thought to be causing declines of endangered amphibians.  In 2012, she worked on pharmaceutical cases related to the drug Avandia, thought to increase the risk of serious heart problems in diabetes patients.

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Land, Brett

Brett Land

Brett Land joined Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group in 2014 after graduating from Emory University School of Law. Prior to joining the firm, Brett worked as a summer associate at Baron & Budd for several years, concentrating on cases related to PCE, TCP, MTBE and Atrazine groundwater contamination.

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Langdoc, John

John Langdoc

John Langdoc was a scientist before he was a lawyer. At Baylor College of Medicine, Langdoc researched human neuroscience. Earlier, in graduate school, he researched how prescription drugs like Prozac can cause brain defects in babies born to mothers taking the medications.

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LeBlanc, Burton

Burton LeBlanc

Baron & Budd shareholder, Burton LeBlanc, is a powerhouse advocate for individuals who have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing, having begun his legal career representing victims of toxic exposure and workplace hazards in his home state, Louisiana.

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McCrea, Mitchell

Mitchell McCrea

Mitchell McCrea is an attorney in Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group. Mitchell has always been intensely aware of the need for access to clean water. He grew up among farmers and ranchers in southern New Mexico, southern California and southwest Texas, where water was a scarce and precious commodity.

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McDougal, Cary

Cary McDougal

Over the nearly two decades that he has practiced law, Cary McDougal has proven to be a formidable trial lawyer with unflinching resolve to serve his clients. Cary has been lead attorney in over 75 jury trials in state and federal court. He has tried cases involving such diverse areas of the law as premises liability, product liability, general personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance litigation, and environmental litigation.

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Miller, Isaac

Isaac Miller

Prior to joining Baron & Budd, Mr. Miller worked at a prominent California law firm representing individuals and corporate clients from virtually every industry and walk of life, both in and out of the courtroom. There, Mr. Miller concentrated on consumer fraud cases involving a range of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.

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Morris, Marty

Marty Morris

Marty Morris was an attorney with a well-known commercial litigation firm for several years before joining Baron & Budd in 1999. He now works with the firm’s asbestos litigation group, representing people with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases and assisting with the oversight of the firm’s intake department and other firm-wide special projects.

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Olsen, Staci

Staci Olsen

As a member of Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group, Staci Olsen specializes in the management of electronic information and people in mass litigation. This skill makes her a critical part of the Group, which focuses on large-scale complex environmental torts.

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Orozco, Pablo

Pablo Orozco

Pablo Orozco represents clients across the United States in complex, high-stakes class action litigation involving unfair competition, fraudulent and deceptive business practices, false advertising, and product defects. He joined Baron & Budd as an associate in the Los Angeles office in April 2015.

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Pifko, Mark

Mark Pifko

Mark Pifko has made a name for himself as a staunch advocate for consumers’ rights. Since joining Baron & Budd’s Los Angeles office in 2011, Pifko has taken on powerful corporations on cases involving false advertising, fraud and scientific and technical disputes. Pifko’s practice is focused on representing plaintiffs in complex class action matters.

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Pryor, Kathryn

Kathryn Pryor joined Baron & Budd’s Mesothelioma Litigation Group in June 2015. The focus of her career has been representing individuals across the United States who have been diagnosed with preventable asbestos-related diseases.

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Rabenhorst, Natalie

Natalie Rabenhorst

Natalie Rabenhorst joined the Dallas office of Baron & Budd in 2008.  While working for a plaintiff’s firm during her undergraduate studies, she became intrigued with the litigation process. Natalie quickly realized she had a passion for the practice of law and for helping injured workers who might not always have the resources or means to help themselves.

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Sanchez, Cristina

Cristina Sanchez

Cristina Sanchez had originally planned to go to medical school, but her work at a small plaintiffs’ firm after college inspired her to instead pursue a career in law. Cristina works primarily with clients who have been harmed by the BP oil spill that severely impacted her hometown of New Orleans.

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Saucer, Ann

Ann Saucer

Ann Saucer is an Of Counsel lawyer with Baron & Budd. She joined the firm in 2000 with almost a decade of litigation experience behind her in Louisiana and Texas, the previous five years of which were with the Dallas-based law firm Silber Pearlman, P.C.

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Sims, Thomas

Thomas Sims

Thomas M. Sims has spent much of his career at Baron & Budd litigating complex environmental cases ranging from water contamination to air pollution. Though he has recently expanded his practice to represent public entities in hotel occupancy tax cases and whistleblowers under the state and federal claims act, Sims continues to work on serious environmental cases such as the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

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Soto, Kirsten

Kirsten Soto

Kirsten Soto joined Baron & Budd in August 2014 as a part of the firm’s trucking litigation group, where she represents clients injured in catastrophic truck and bus crashes. Before moving to Dallas, Soto practiced at a boutique law firm in Washington, D.C. representing clients in multi-million dollar insurance coverage lawsuits.

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Summy, Scott

Scott Summy

Scott Summy is a shareholder at Baron & Budd, one of the largest and oldest firms in the United States that practices environmental litigation. Mr. Summy heads up the firm’s Environmental Litigation Group, which litigates complex environmental contamination cases all over the country.

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Tamer, Christine

Christine Tamer

Christine Tamer, an associate in the Litigation Group at Baron & Budd, focuses on law and motion practice and civil appeals. Since joining the firm, she has successfully participated in appeals across the country. Most recently, she helped defend an $18 million punitive damages verdict in California.

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Tellis, Roland

Roland Tellis

Roland Tellis co-manages Baron & Budd’s Los Angeles office. His practice focuses on complex, high-profile litigation, including consumer class actions, financial fraud, business torts, corporate misconduct, automobile defect, food labeling, false advertising, securities fraud, and environmental contamination.

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Vaught, Allen

Allen Vaught

Allen Vaught has more than 15 years of experience working as a litigator on complex, multi-party litigation. As Of Counsel at Baron & Budd, Vaught currently manages the firm’s Employment Law Group for Baron & Budd, where he focuses on unpaid overtime wage class actions cases. Recently, Vaught won a major award for a group of mechanics who were incorrectly classified as independent contractors by their employer.

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Werkema, Holly

Holly Werkema

Holly Werkema joined Baron & Budd in May of 2012 in the firm’s general litigation group, representing homeowners throughout the southeast affected by toxic Chinese drywall installations in their homes. After the settlement with the drywall manufacturer, Ms. Werkema assisted hundreds of the firm’s clients in navigating the claims process that ultimately led to repair and/or replacement of the toxic drywall in clients’ homes.

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Zucker, Evan

Evan Zucker

Evan Zucker works in Baron & Budd’s Los Angeles office. He specializes in consumer class action litigation and insurance bad faith cases. Evan is dedicated to fighting for the rights of consumers who have been harmed by the systematic and uniform practices of unscrupulous corporations.

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