Public Justice Foundation
Public Justice is dedicated to protecting the rights of Americans, the environment, public health, holding big business responsible for wrongdoing, protecting civil liberties, and keeping the courtroom doors open to all Americans and allowing them the opportunity for their day in court. The foundation is involved in a number of broad issues that impact litigation and law at the highest levels.

In 2006, Baron & Budd attorneys were honored with Public Justice’s “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award for their work on a TCE groundwater contamination case in Tucson, Arizona. The award recognizes the trial attorney or group of attorneys who have made the most significant contribution to the public interest by successfully resolving a precedent-setting case or group of related cases.

In 2009, the Baron & Budd attorneys who worked on the landmark MTBE settlement with the majority of the national’s oil companies were finalists for Public Justice’s “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award.