Baron & Budd Is a Leading Mesothelioma Law Firm

  1. We are an active law firm handling mesothelioma cases, not a so-called “marketing firm.”
  2. We were one of the first law firms in the U.S. to successfully handle a mesothelioma lawsuit.
  3. In the past, we have proudly contributed to worthwhile organizations like ADAO, IMP and NCCN.
  4. We had the one of the largest verdicts ever in the state of Texas and the largest verdict in the state of California in 2012, keeping in line with our history of precedent-setting verdicts.
  5. We have consistently worked to protect mesothelioma patients, fighting passionately against legislation that would limit their rights. We even helped to protect asbestos patients’ rights at the Supreme Court level.

The cornerstone practice for our firm has long been mesothelioma. The mesothelioma lawyers with Baron & Budd are still fighting for the rights of mesothelioma patients and their families today, more than 45 years after we were founded. Since our founding, we have had the honor to represent many notable mesothelioma patients, including Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Jr., a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, and football legend and actor Merlin Olsen.

History of Success

Time and time again, we have successfully fought many of the major asbestos companies, earning an unparalleled reputation nationally as a law firm that has a history of success both inside and outside of the courtroom. Our mesothelioma attorneys have, in addition to representing individual clients, worked to help create several asbestos bankruptcy trusts. These are not just accessible to Baron & Budd clients, but to all asbestos patients seeking funds from these certain asbestos bankruptcy trusts.

Actively Litigating Mesothelioma Claims

One of the main reasons Baron & Budd is different from other firms is that we handle mesothelioma lawsuits directly. You may think at first glance that a law firm that presents itself as an authority in mesothelioma lawsuits has attorneys on staff who handle these kinds of cases from start to finish. However, that is a misconception. There are several law firms that merely advertise for mesothelioma cases and then “send” them to another firm for the actual case work. This type of wholesale referral philosophy is not, we firmly believe, in the best interests of the client. As you speak to potential law firms, we strongly recommend that you remain aware of this practice.

Many of the mesothelioma verdicts that we have helped bring about were recognized as some of the largest of their type. For instance, we represented a mesothelioma patient in El Paso, Texas who was awarded a $55 million verdict in 2001. The National Law Journal selected the case on its list of the 100 top verdicts of that year. In addition, in 2011, two of our mesothelioma verdicts were chosen as the top two product liability verdicts in Texas in 2011.