Most people assume that all law firms handle all of the legal aspects of the cases they talk about on their websites and in various advertisements. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

The truth is many law firms that advertise for cases are not all equipped to handle every aspect of the legal work needed to achieve the best results. Some are merely marketing for cases they will then almost immediately refer to another law firm – and not necessarily the firm best qualified to handle your case. These firms generally do not consider the best interests of the clients when making referrals, so be aware that these types of firms exist.

Baron & Budd is not the type of firm that refers all cases, wholesale, to other law firms. Our firm has an established history of achieving positive results for clients for more than 45 years.

When we take on a mesothelioma case, we handle the actual legal work and asbestos litigation ourselves. In some cases, when we believe that it is in the client’s best interests, we will co-counsel with another mesothelioma law firm that may have specialized geographical or industry expertise. We do this to best serve the client’s needs, and only with the cooperation of the client.

There are very few law firms in the United States that have the depth and breadth of experience to handle a mesothelioma lawsuit from beginning to end. Baron & Budd is one of these law firms.

As a result of our decades of work representing people with mesothelioma, we have developed an incredible depth of knowledge about the asbestos industry and the various ways in which many men and women were exposed to asbestos. The companies responsible for this exposure (known as defendants in legal cases) know the reputation of Baron & Budd (or, in some cases, have previously gone up against Baron & Budd) and know that our lawyers mean business.  Many of these companies also know that our firm has the resources to take a client’s case to a jury trial and through the appeals process. That’s why a majority of our lawsuits settle before they go to trial. Our reputation as a powerhouse law firm in the courtroom means that the defendants would generally rather settle than go up against us in a jury trial. Our firm has developed this reputation after decades of dedicated work in the asbestos legal field.

When our attorneys go to trial, we certainly have the depth and strength to represent our clients well. The top verdicts we have achieved in Texas, California, and other states are but a sampling of what we have done for our clients over the years. When a verdict is appealed, which is often the case, we also have the resources to fight the appeal along with an unparalleled long track record of appellate wins. Learn more about our firm’s case results.