Mesothelioma lawsuits can have many results. We are here to help you get the best possible one for your case.

Unless the companies that exposed you to asbestos have all filed for bankruptcy, there are usually two possible outcomes for a mesothelioma lawsuit — a verdict or a settlement. So, what is the difference between a mesothelioma settlement and a verdict? If you file a lawsuit against an asbestos company or companies, your lawyer can either reach a settlement with the asbestos company(s) or ultimately take the case to trial, in which a jury will decide on a verdict for your case. So, what is the difference between a verdict and a settlement in a mesothelioma case? And what does that mean for your lawsuit?

What is a settlement in a mesothelioma lawsuit?

Most mesothelioma cases handled by our firm settle before they go to trial because the asbestos companies know we have the experience, the history and the resources to achieve a positive result before a jury, and these companies don’t want the financial burden of a trial or the potential bad publicity a negative jury verdict might generate for the company. Our lawyers’ experience and reputation can make all the difference in these cases.

However, you are not ever required to accept a mesothelioma settlement. It is part of our job, as your attorneys, to recommend whether or not you should accept the settlement or reject the settlement in favor of a jury trial. Our attorneys have decades of experience in navigating this process.

Often, settlements are kept private. When cases proceed to verdict, they generally become a matter of public record.

What is a verdict in a mesothelioma lawsuit?

If a settlement cannot be reached or agreed upon by all parties involved, our mesothelioma lawyers are fully capable of taking your case to trial, in which case a jury will reach a verdict.  The jury will decide if the asbestos company or companies are liable for your asbestos exposure and subsequent mesothelioma. If the jury determines that the company or companies are responsible, they will determine a monetary amount. Once reached, defendants have the opportunity to appeal a negative verdict, and our attorneys also also fully equipped to handle mesothelioma cases at this level.

In 2012, our mesothelioma attorneys obtained a $48 million verdict for a California client against Dow Chemical subsidiary, Union Carbide, and others, which was the largest mesothelioma verdict in the nation in 2012.

A Combination of Outcomes

When a mesothelioma lawsuit is filed, multiple asbestos companies are usually pursued for compensation. Many mesothelioma patients have been exposed to multiple products that contain asbestos. Therefore, a patient or family member pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit can receive compensation from a combination of the above outcomes from several different defendants. Learn more about our case results here.

Over our firm’s more than 35-year history, our mesothelioma lawyers have negotiated numerous settlements on behalf of our clients and tried numerous cases to verdict. Our lawyers have achieved a positive result in more than 100 individual verdicts for our asbestos clients and have obtained precedent-setting case results in numerous cases. Our mesothelioma attorneys have been honored to represent numerous high-profile clients over the years, including actor Paul Gleason, former Navy Admiral Elmo Zumwalt and actor and legendary football player Merlin Olsen.

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