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Baron & Budd is one of the largest, oldest and most revered plaintiffs’ law firms in the nation. Our mission of “Protecting What’s Right” spans the protection of people in virtually every aspect of their lives.

Established more than four decades ago to fight for workers injured by asbestos, Baron & Budd has expanded to confront not only the asbestos industry but also other societal threats such as water contaminationunsafe pharmaceutical drugs and devicestrucking accidentsfinancial industry fraud, and automobile recalls.

We offer Americans protection in virtually every aspect of their lives.

Baron & Budd’s asbestos litigation lawyers pioneered mesothelioma lawsuits, representing some of the first mesothelioma victims more than 45 years ago, and our dedication to helping mesothelioma victims has only increased over the years. Our team of dedicated mesothelioma lawyers works across the nation, winning precedent-setting cases and handling many mesothelioma claims. The Baron & Budd asbestos litigation lawyers have decades of experience and substantial resources to best handle mesothelioma cases.

Other Baron & Budd cases have led to wide-sweeping changes, impacting virtually every consumer. Through seven years of hard-fought litigation, the Class Action practice at Baron & Budd successfully obtained class certification of a nationwide claim against Bank of America and Countrywide Home Loans under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act for entering into a fraudulent scheme to prepare millions of unlawful or sham home appraisals in order to facilitate the rapid closing of mortgage loans. The Defendants agreed to a $250 million non-reversionary, common fund settlement. Under the settlement, millions of class members will automatically receive refund checks for a portion of their appraisal fees.

Baron & Budd represented the State of Hawai’i in a consumer protection case against global pharmaceutical giants, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, which culminated in a four-week bench trial that resulted in an $834 million civil judgment in favor of the State and against these drug companies for violating the State’s Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act. The case centered around their blockbuster blood thinner, Plavix, and the defendants’ failure over more than a dozen years to disclose to patients, and their prescribing physicians, a serious limitation of the drug, which resulted in a significant portion of the population receiving little or no benefit from it.

The Environmental Litigation Group (ELG) at Baron & Budd announced a proposed nationwide class action settlement with Monsanto Company, Pharmacia, LLC, and Solutia, Inc. for nearly $800 million, resolving national PCB water contamination claims for a proposed class of governmental entities. In 2010 Scott Summy, head of Baron & Budd’s Environmental Litigation Group, was one of four lawyers nationally chosen to serve both on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the Gulf Oil Spill Multi-District Litigation (MDL) and as a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC).

The ELG is also responsible for leading the iconic and decades-long Trichloroethylene (TCE) water pollution case. Waged over 21 years, and settled in 2006, this case helped define Arizona laws on pollution and is widely considered among the most important pieces of litigation involving personal injuries caused by water pollution.

The Qui Tam attorneys at Baron & Budd are representing whistleblowers in fraud and abuse cases in several areas, including the healthcare industry, financial sector, government contract fraud, and more. Their expertise in federal and state anti-fraud statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions; strong familiarity with a wide range of government programs; ability to compellingly present the case to the government and the court under tight time constraints; and reputation of credibility with government prosecutors make them the best team to represent whistleblowers in complex fraud cases.

Baron & Budd offers expert legal representation in cases regarding dangerous drugs and medical devices. Many people have been tragically harmed by medications and medical devices they thought would help them. Our attorneys seek to hold manufacturers accountable for their negligence, and in some cases, deliberate wrongdoing. The attorneys in our Pharma practice are representing clients in cases involving products, such as RoundUp and 3M earplugs.

U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers have listed Baron & Budd as one of the “Best Law Firms” for eight straight years. Baron & Budd has also been named repeatedly to “The Plaintiffs’ Hot List” of exemplary plaintiffs’ firms in the United States by The National Law Journal (NLJ) published by American Law Media.

In 2014, the firm was recognized by NLJ on its Elite Trial Lawyer list. The Legal 500 has repeatedly honored Baron & Budd for being one of the top two law firms in the U.S. for toxic tort claims. In addition, lawyers at Baron & Budd have earned many other awards, such as the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from Trial Lawyers for Public Justice in 2006 and the California Lawyer “Attorney of the Year Award” from California Lawyer for our work in environmental law.

While we are proud of the national recognition we have received for our work, we are most honored that our clients consistently call and write to share their thankfulness for our help.