Baron & Budd is a working law firm. We have a team of attorneys and staff ready to “Protect What’s Right” for you.

Most people assume that all law firms practice law. But the fact is not all firms, particularly plaintiffs’ firms, are equipped to handle their cases from beginning to end.

Some firms simply market for cases and then refer them to lawyers who can develop and litigate all phases of the case. They refer their cases to firms like ours. At Baron & Budd, we work up all aspects of our cases through trial, complex resolution and appeal. We have a lengthy track record of doing what it takes to seek justice for our clients – even when that means a protracted legal battle.

Case in point is the lawsuit Baron & Budd filed in 1985 against an aircraft manufacturer, the City of Tucson and Tucson Airport Authority on behalf of more than 1,600 Tucson-area residents harmed by contaminated drinking water. Since Tucson is the largest city in the United States that receives all of its drinking water from underground sources, the industrial solvents used at the airport and aircraft company were of particular concern. Spilled on the ground and seeping through the sandy soil into the groundwater, the invisible yet harmful contaminants caused several unusual forms of cancer and other diseases at almost epidemic levels, particularly among children in the area.

Even though the battle for justice took more than 20 years and an enormous investment in upfront resources, we pushed on, undeterred, and prevailed. Baron & Budd’s cutting-edge work on this case not only brought compensation to these individuals to help them deal with the consequences of their injuries, it helped define Arizona law on pollution coverage issues.

As a result, the public interest legal organization Public Justice presented the Baron & Budd legal team with its “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award” in 2006. The award recognizes the trial lawyer or lawyers who have made the greatest contribution to the public interest each year by trying or settling a precedent-setting case or group of cases.

Do we ever refer a case? Yes, we do what’s best for our clients and so, on occasion, we might refer a particular type of case to another law firm that we deem better suited to a particular task.

But our core strength remains in handling complex case litigation, hands on.