We may be lawyers and not doctors, but we have had the great fortune to meet several dedicated mesothelioma physicians while we’ve worked with our clients.
Get to know some of the physicians with whom we’ve worked here…

Helping people through legal action is our passion and our calling at Baron and Budd. However, we also fully realize that our clients need other resources as well. We don’t try to be experts in areas that aren’t in our field of expertise. Instead, we have identified leaders in the field of mesothelioma research and treatment and supported them fully. By doing so, we seek to help any one affected by asbestos find resources that will help them locate the support groups, advocacy organizations and, of course, the top quality medical care they need.

Baron and Budd is a proud to work with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), one of the top cancer organizations in the United States. NCCN, as a result of our sponsorship, was published the NCCN Patient Guidelines for Mesothelioma, a patient-friendly translation of the more technical NCCN Clinical Guidelines for Mesothelioma. These guidelines will help you better understand mesothelioma as well as its treatment options, even if you are not seeking treatment at a hospital affiliated with NCCN.

In addition, national mesothelioma law firm Baron & Budd was a proud sponsor of Understanding Mesothelioma, a meso book that was written and published by CURE Media Group, which also publishes CURE magazine. This comprehensive resource provides valuable information for both caregivers and patients. This includes information on several issues related to mesothelioma, such as treatment, legal options and how to find a mesothelioma doctor. Our firm was glad to provide the financial support needed to print and distribute the book. No matter where you may be undergoing treatment, we encourage you to order a copy of this wonderful resource.