19 May, 2015

Fast Facts About Zofran, an Anti-Nausea Medication That May Cause Birth Defects

By | May 19th, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

Zofran is a popular medication many women take to relieve their morning sickness and severe pregnancy-related nausea. Unfortunately, it may come with unfortunate side effects of its own, a risk that was never clearly [...]

10 May, 2015

For the Women Who Took Zofran During Pregnancy and Had Children With Birth Defects

By | May 10th, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

We’re spreading the word about women’s health & pharmaceuticals in honor of Women’s Health Week. If you didn’t know already, women keep this world running. The only catch is women suffer some of [...]

6 May, 2015

New to The Zofran Lawsuit? Here’s What You Need to Know

By | May 6th, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

If you took Zofran during your pregnancy and had a child with birth defects, here’s what you need to know about Zofran side effects and the Zofran lawsuit. Please share this information with mothers [...]

27 March, 2015

It’s Women’s History Month – Time to Celebrate and Support All of US!

By | March 27th, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

March is Women's History Month and if you ask us, we could not have picked a better month in the year to honor and celebrate women's history. Women are so often the caretakers and [...]

21 March, 2015

So You Had a Perfect Baby After Taking Zofran — Fantastic! — But That Doesn’t Mean Zofran is Safe for All Moms & Their Children

By | March 21st, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

It goes without saying: If you took Zofran while you were pregnant and had a baby that was "perfect" and in wonderful health, fantastic! We could not be happier for you. But, and this [...]

10 March, 2015

Attention Moms: Taking Zofran While Pregnant May Cause Birth Defects Like Cleft Palate and Heart Defects

By | March 10th, 2015|Pharmaceuticals|

We hear you: You watched what you ate, took up low-impact exercise and even played calming music throughout your pregnancy... you did everything and more in your power to keep your unborn child healthy [...]