GM Sued Over Concealing a Defect in Their Airbags and Failing to Recall the Affected Vehicles

August 9, 2021  |  Class Actions
Airbag Lawsuit

GM Trucks and SUVs are extremely popular for many reasons, safety being one of them. Unfortunately for some consumers, they purchased GM Trucks and SUVs that have been manufactured with an issue affecting the deployment of the airbag and the seatbelt. The issue prevents the reaction of these safety features by only milliseconds, but that is enough time to change the outcome of an accident to a serious and sometimes fatal one.

Many drivers feel that GM put their financial gains over the safety of the consumers who buy their vehicles. A recent Law360 article quotes a driver stating: “Despite its knowledge of the defect and its impact on safety, GM has concealed the defect and failed to recall or repair the class vehicles, presumably to avoid the significant costs and inconveniences of recalling millions of vehicles,” the drivers said. “GM has hidden the defect in spite of its obligation to disclose it, misrepresented the class vehicles to be safe, and continued to sell them to consumers.”

The same Law360 article also explains how the Complaint alleges that a team of Delco Electronics software engineers that designed the sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) software warned GM “that preventing the airbag and seatbelt deployment after 45 milliseconds was a reckless design decision.” However, GM’s truck group allegedly ignored the warning.

The attorneys of Baron & Budd are looking for drivers in the U.S. that own vehicles with this alleged faulty equipment. If you bought or leased a GM truck or SUV from 2008 until now, you may be entitled to compensation.

Visit for a list of affected vehicles.

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