Talcum Powder
Dr. Daniel W. Cramer of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston is part of a team of researchers who recently released a study that found women who use talc as part of their feminine hygiene routine are 33 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer. The researchers contacted more than 4,000 women as part of the study, according to Reuters.

This is an easily modified risk factor,” said Dr. Cramer. “Talc is a good drying agent, but women should know that if it’s used repeatedly, it can get into the vagina and into their upper genital tract. And I think if they knew that, they wouldn’t use it.”

Baron & Budd may be able to help if you or someone close to you developed ovarian cancer after using talc in the genital area. Please contact us today to learn more about your potential legal options.

Reuters: Genital talc boosts ovarian cancer risk in study.