Fluoroquinolone Toxicity
Baron & Budd represents many clients who claim they were harmed by fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Drugs like Levaquin, Cipro, and Avelox may be linked to peripheral neuropathy, a severe form of nerve damage.

While some risks may be warranted in life-threatening situations, we feel that prescribing these heavy-duty drugs for routine infections is simply reckless. Taking a pill for a urinary tract infection should not have life-altering consequences.

A new must-read article in the Washington Post features the stories of several people affected by fluoroquinolones and investigates the issue further. It also highlights organizations like the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation who are working to ensure that doctors and their patients are armed with the facts about fluoroquinolones.

Rachel Brummert, executive director of the foundation, says the pharmaceutical industry should do more to warn physicians of the risk of injury. “Doctors are largely in the dark,” she says. “The few patients who are warned are not told that these adverse reactions can be permanent.”

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Washington Post: It pays to read the warnings when you open up a prescription