El Cajon RCE Contamination
Toxic vapors from a dangerous chemical known as trichloroethylene, or TCE, are present inside people’s homes in a neighborhood of El Cajon, California, according to KPBS.

The San Diego County community had already been rocked by testing that showed that the TCE contamination, part of one of the largest plumes in California history, had impacted a local elementary school, putting students and teachers at risk.

Now, homeowners in the area are finding out that they may have been breathing in the toxic gas, linked to kidney cancer and a host of other issues, inside their own homes for decades.

Who is responsible?

Ametek, Inc., an aerospace manufacturing company who operated in the area for several decades, created this contamination and for decades refused to clean up its own mess—a groundwater contamination plume.

According to Baron & Budd attorney John Fiske, “Ametek was aware of groundwater contamination of TCE and other contaminants as early as 1987.” With this knowledge, Ametek should have begun cleanup of this contamination decades ago, but chose not to act.

Residents in El Cajon are now banding together and demanding answers about the contamination and the potentially deadly health problems it may have caused. Baron & Budd is currently representing the family of a mobile home resident who recently died from kidney cancer.

It remains to be seen how many more residents have been affected. Air tests revealed that the toxic vapors were found in several homes in the immediate area.

If you live in El Cajon and are concerned about possible TCE contamination on your property, call Baron & Budd now at 866-573-6165 to discuss your legal options.