BP Plans to Upgrade Containment Device in July

As officials report gradual increases in the amount of oil being capturing from the gushing Gulf wellhead, BP announced earlier this week that it plans to replace the cap collecting the oil next month with a slightly larger device. The larger cap will “provide a better, tighter fit” than the […]

Coast Guard Predicts Oil Spill Cleanup Will Last into Fall or Beyond

Coast Guard Commander Adm. Thad W. Allen warned this weekend that even if the flow of crude was completely stopped by summer, it could take well into fall, or even much longer, to cleanup the slick spreading through the Gulf of Mexico.  Mitigating the damage done to beaches, marshes, and wildlife […]

BP Places Cap Over Leaking Gulf Oil Well, Plans to Close Cap Vents Today

British Petroleum’s latest effort to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf is being considered a positive step toward containing the oil spill. The “cut and cap” operation was completed Thursday night when BP lowered a cap over the ruptured Gulf well after slicing off a damaged pipe. However, […]

Slick Spreads toward Florida as BP Still Struggles to Cap Oil Well

After British Petroleum’s weekend failure to “top kill” the leaking Gulf oil well, the disaster along the Gulf Coast is due to take a turn for the worse. The famous Pensacola Beach in Florida may become the latest loss to the oil spill. A charter boat captain reported oil sheen […]
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