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  • Transvaginal Mesh

Californian Woman Coleen Perry Won $5,700,000 in Combined Damages in Ethicon Inc. Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Californian Coleen Perry has won $5,700,000 in combined damages against Ethicon Inc. — $5 million in punitive damages and $700,000 […]

  • flq-antibiotics-whats-wrong

Back Up: What’s Wrong With “Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics” Like Avelox, Levaquin and Cipro?

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Avelox, Levaquin and Cipro are some of the most popular antibiotics on the market — in 2010, […]

  • Allergies and FLQ Antibiotics

Allergy Season is Here: If Your Allergies Turn Into a Sinus Infection, Beware of Popular Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

It’s almost that time of year: Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and everything in nature seems to be coming […]

  • womens-history-blog-1

It’s Women’s History Month – Time to Celebrate and Support All of US!

March is Women’s History Month and if you ask us, we could not have picked a better month in the […]

  • earth-day-2015

Because It’s Earth Day — Eight Tips For You to Help the Environment Today

No great movement is done in huge sweeps — it takes one big or small step after another, especially when […]

  • EarthDayFB

Happy Earth Day, Let’s Get to It: How Can Lawsuits Affect Environmental Change?

In honor of Earth Day 2015, let’s take a second from our busy lives to talk about what really matters, […]

  • bp-oil-spill-final-deadline

Last Call: June 8 is the Absolute FINAL DEADLINE to File Claims Against BP For the Gulf Oil Spill

If you or your business suffered an economic loss due to the BP Gulf Oil Spill, you may be able […]

  • pcbs-in-schools

So What Are PCBs — and How Did They End Up in Our Schools?

PCBs = three little letters we’re starting to hear a lot about in the news — three little letters that […]

  • Mesothelioma Diagnosis

I Have Cancer, So Who Am I Now? What Happens When The Man Who Can Do Everything Gets Sick

“I used to work 9-5, coach my kids’ soccer team and volunteer at my church…but now I have cancer.”

“I used […]

  • factact1

It’s Once Again Time to Rise Up and Squash the FACT Act

Sponsored by Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, the FACT Act would require administrators of asbestos bankruptcy trusts to provide quarterly reports […]

  • unitedairlinessign

United Airlines Told Employees to “Avoid Breathing Airborne Asbestos Fibers”? We’d Call That #MissionImpossible

Here’s a true story that’s going to knock you off your seat.
United Airlines used to house its World Headquarters […]

  • helpful-tips

How To Protect Yourself… When Everyone Around You Is Sick! For Mesothelioma Patients, Families & Those Fighting Low Immunities Caused by Pharmaceutical Related Illnesses

Everyone has to make that extra effort now and again to take care of themselves and their bodies and not […]

Other Recent Posts

  • Video Camera

Nursing Home Abuse and the Camera Conundrum

There is no doubt that nursing home abuse is a serious problem across the United States. One tool being used […]

  • trucking

Speed Kills: Big Rig Truck Tires Not Equipped to Handle Sustained Driving at 75 MPH or More

While many of us like the increased highway speed limits found in Texas and many other states, unintended consequences could […]

  • warn-act-right-to-work-states

Clearing Up Some Confusion Regarding Right-to-Work States and the WARN Act

We’ve talked to a lot of oilfield workers who have lost their jobs due to the downturn in oil prices. […]

  • all-natural

On The Word “Natural” — It May Not Mean What You Think

The information below applies whether a vitamin or other medicinal supplement is marketed as natural, or whether it’s a […]

  • volunteering

How We’re Giving Back: Volunteer Recognition Day 2015

Our lawyers are devoted to helping individuals when they have been wronged, a tireless commitment each lawyer has to helping […]

  • Nursing Home Care

Almost One Third of the Nation’s Nursing Homes are Getting Lower Scores in the New Quality Testing — Here’s Why

FINALLY! The five-star quality rating system for Medicare.gov’s Nursing Home Compare has been drastically updated, becoming much more rigorous thanks […]

  • elder-abuse-nursing-home

Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes — It Happens, Watch Out For These Big Signs

There are some things in life so bad and just plain hard to believe that, as a self-protective measure, we […]

  • warn-act-layoffs

Oilfield Workers Need to Quickly Familiarize Themselves With the WARN Act

Falling oil prices may be great for motorists, but they’re lousy for oilfield workers and other energy industry employees. Prices […]