Toxic Substance Control Act – A Walk Through the Memory Lane of Dangerous Exposures

We think we’re so in control.
Lead paint in children’s toys used to be a problem. Asbestos in industrial and military manufacturing products used to be a problem. Formaldehyde used to be a problem. We […]

Silent Killers: How a New Bill Could Finally Lead to Less Carcinogenic Chemical in American Products

Everyday, we are unknowingly subjected to toxic chemicals that are present in ordinary household products that place us at risk for cancer.  Whether it’s the plastic container of your T.V dinner or the furniture […]

Even Reusable Bags May Carry Environmental Risk

“Going Green” is becoming one of the biggest social trends out there, and a popular symbol of this newfound environmental empathy is the synthetic, reusable grocery bag.

However, some of these “environmentally friendly” bags, now […]

Use of pesticide Temik will be limited, then discontinued

The pesticide Temik (aldicarb) is being phased out following an assessment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it poses a health risk to infants and young children.  Temik’s manufacturer, Bayer AG, has agreed […]

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