Substantial Verdict Leads to Settlement Between Asbestos Victim and Garlock Sealing Technologies

May 16, 2008  |  Mesothelioma, Press Releases

PHILADELPHIA, Penn.– The law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C. today announced that a mesothelioma sufferer and his family have settled with former asbestos manufacturer Garlock Sealing Technologies (based in Palmyra, NY) for a confidential amount following the jury’s substantial damages verdict. The plaintiff contracted mesothelioma — an excruciating and fatal cancer associated with asbestos exposure — after working for decades as a boiler mechanic at a Johnsonburg paper mill.

“His cancer was entirely preventable. Asbestos was just too profitable for Garlock. The worst thing about it is that instead of promptly eliminating asbestos from their gaskets and packing once they knew what asbestos could do, Garlock chose to spend decades devising ways to cover up the cancers its asbestos products cause,” said Baron & Budd attorney.

The irreversible harm done by years of exposure to the paper mill’s boilers, which were covered in asbestos cement, and to asbestos gaskets and asbestos rope packing that were used on turbines and steam pipes became apparent in 2006 when the plaintiff was diagnosed with malignant pleura mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a painful and deadly cancer that encases the lining around the lungs, called the pleura, and turns it from a single cell layer wide to a thick, hard rind. This inhibits the expansion of the lungs, making it difficult to breath and causing the nerve endings to scrape torturously against the hard lining. In some cases, the growing tumor can encase and fracture the spine, or it can surround and strangle the heart, as it has done in this case.

Prior to contracting mesothelioma, the plaintiff, now 84, played sports with his grandchildren and shared his love of athletics, music and dancing with his wife of 55 years and their three children. He was the first member of his family to see his children go to college, and they are now teachers and principals.

“It breaks my heart because he did everything right,” said his son. “He raised us, he educated us, he labored for us. He did everything right and he shouldn’t have to go through what he’s going through. No man, no person should have to go through what’s facing him.”

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