Mesothelioma On the Rise in Westbank, Louisiana

August 20, 2015  |  Mesothelioma

There are some things in life that we have to let go; change doesn’t always happen quickly and no matter how much we fight, some things don’t happen as rapidly as we might like. There are some things in life, really, that we just have to let go.

But this? This is not one of them.

We were just as shocked as you were to discover that mesothelioma cancer is on the rise in the Westbank area just south of New Orleans, including the towns of Gretna, Westwego and Harvey. There could be several reasons behind this disturbing rise in the dangerous cancer, but a primary risk factor could in fact be something we’d least expect: It may be because of our driveways!

Apparently, in our area, asbestos may have been used in the making of many of our driveways, meaning we’re potentially exposed to asbestos every time the driveway is put to use — every time we walk along its path, or our cars drive up to rest for the night — each time our children play on the nearby sidewalk or run through the sprinkler in the summer to play on the driveway.

And let’s not even think about those times we had to do some home repairs in the front yard  or when parts of the driveway chipped away due to wear — since asbestos is at its most dangerous when it is disturbed, those may have been the times when we were put most at risk for dangerous, and deadly, mesothelioma cancer.

Given this grim news, there are two things that everyone in the area needs to know. And we’re asking you to help us get this information out there and share it.

You need to know this:

Number One — Even though asbestos may still exist in some homes and driveways throughout the area, it is never safe to remove it yourself.

No matter how good you are at construction, asbestos is a potentially deadly contaminant that you do not want to be exposed to, and its removal requires a very experienced asbestos removal expert.

Number Two — This was not random.

Dangerous exposure to asbestos does not just happen. More often than not, if you developed mesothelioma cancer, it means that you were knowingly exposed to deadly asbestos, and that your life and well-being were taken for granted, because of powerful corporations that put money before safety.

Luckily, a mesothelioma lawsuit is something you can do to help stand up for your rights, your family and your community — it can help you stand up as one person against a powerful corporation that would otherwise never hear you; it can help you make a difference for generations to come, as well as protecting your family and helping to make sure they get the money they need to get through this trauma and build a better life.

Our mesothelioma lawyers are committed to helping people in our area get the help they need to stand up for their safety and health — and we also have the experience that matters when you file a lawsuit.

We’ve won landmark asbestos cases across the country, and we’ve been helping people affected by mesothelioma in and around the Westbank area of New Orleans – including Gretna, Westwego and Harvey – for decades.

To learn more about a mesothelioma lawsuit and how we can help you, just call a mesothelioma lawyer at 855-280-7664 or contact us online. We’re here to help you — and we’re free and confidential, always.

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