Mesothelioma Symposium 2019

March 25, 2019  |  Mesothelioma
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Are you ready to get involved? Are you eager to learn how to make a difference in the futures of patients whose lives and families have been or will be devastated by the disease of mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly cancer known to be caused by only one thing: exposure to the mineral asbestos?

This month, the annual International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma will be held in Bethesda, Maryland. You can register to participate in or attend one of the many informative lectures, workshops, and presentations that will be offered.

From March 25th through 27th, 2019, the Mesothelioma Symposium will host a “unique event that brings together the entire mesothelioma community,” according to its website. For the duration of the three-day conference, the symposium will offer information about the very latest in treatment options, presentations by top mesothelioma experts, and opportunities for patients, their families, caregivers, and those who have lost loved ones to the disease to engage with others facing the same challenges as they are.

Noted representatives from the National Cancer Institute, Food & Drug Administration, the Universities of Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nebraska, Baylor and Loyola, as well as leading researchers from Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, Brigham & Women’s, the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson and Memorial Sloan Kettering hospitals will be on hand to deliver keynote addresses about the latest breakthroughs in mesothelioma treatments and research.

The symposium will take place at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, located at 7400 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. Conference sessions will be followed each day by an evening cocktail hour, during which participants will be able to speak face-to-face with top mesothelioma experts and socialize with others looking for answers or experiencing similar regimens of treatments and surgeries.

For more information or to register for this event, you can go to their website. The mesothelioma lawyers at Baron & Budd are proud to stand behind the doctors and scientists working so hard to bring the latest technological advances to the treatment of the horrendous, incurable disease of mesothelioma. If you or someone you love has been affected by mesothelioma cancer caused by asbestos, you might be able to take legal action against the asbestos manufacturers responsible for your suffering. Please contact Baron & Budd online or call 855-280-7664 to learn more.


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