New Mesothelioma Research Has Startling Findings

November 6, 2020  |  Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Risks

New research from the Occupational Cancer Research Centre at Ontario Health unveiled some startling trends about mesothelioma patients. Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer, caused by asbestos, that attacks the lining of the lungs and other internal organs. The study, Mesothelioma: Epidemiology and Prognosis, found there is a rising number of non-occupational cases of mesothelioma. The majority of cases are a result of very high exposure to asbestos on the job; however, many cases are emerging in which people were exposed at lower levels.

This study compared cases in British Columbia and Ontario from 1993 to 2017. The research examined 4000 cases over 18 months. Data from the study suggests that actual case numbers continue to rise, but the per-population rate of contracting the disease has leveled off. The study also found the number of cases among older adults and women are on the rise.

Where Might You Encounter Asbestos?

While the cases of high occupational exposures are becoming less common, researchers are concerned about the future and the cases resulting from low exposure to asbestos. Since asbestos fibers are microscopic, many people do not know they have been exposed.

Many countries have banned the use of asbestos, but the toxic fibers remain in buildings and certain products. Decades ago, asbestos was used for its strength, flexibility, and heat-resistant properties. Asbestos could be found in insulation materials, sealants, brake pads, modeling clay, and even talcum powder.

Today, unsuspecting individuals may be exposed to asbestos when taking on do-it-yourself remodeling projects in their homes or even while living or working in buildings that are undergoing renovations. People often do not know they should have their home tested for asbestos before starting renovation projects. When asbestos is detected, professional asbestos removal companies must come in and properly dispose of the hazardous materials.

Asbestos Exposure in Schools

Exposure to asbestos in the home and workplace is extremely disconcerting, but even more alarming is the potential for asbestos exposure in schools. Many schools were built decades ago with asbestos-containing materials. Walls, ceilings, and pipes may have been constructed with materials containing the toxic fibers.

As school buildings age and deteriorate, asbestos fibers can be released into the air. Daily activities such as drilling into a wall to hang artwork, a student kicking a ball into the gym ceiling, or renovations to expand classroom sizes can send deadly asbestos fibers into the air.

We Are Here to Help

While non-occupational cases are only a small proportion of the overall volume of cases, these victims may still be eligible for compensation for their suffering. Mesothelioma patients should speak to an experienced attorney to learn more about their rights and options.

If you or a loved one has been given a diagnosis of mesothelioma and you want to take legal action against the asbestos manufacturers responsible for your suffering, the dedicated lawyers at Baron & Budd are here and available to help you.

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