Setting Up a Kitchen for a Mesothelioma Patient

June 1, 2016  |  Mesothelioma

A mesothelioma diagnosis typically means that sweeping lifestyle changes are unavoidable. However, that does not necessarily mean that a patient will have to immediately give up his or her independence. The kitchen is one place where someone can keep that independence with just a few adjustments.

Making it Easier to Prepare Meals

Mesothelioma patients can find it extremely difficult to prepare their own meals after treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy. They may not have the stamina needed to even stand up, much less walk around the kitchen. You can reorganize this space in a way that a patient will still be able to make the meals he or she loves.

For example, create a “sitting space” that will allow the patient to prepare vegetables, or marinate meats. Cutlery, frying pans and other cooking tools should be moved to an area where they can easily be reached without the need for a lot of bending over.

Accommodating Dietary Changes

Another thing that will likely change will be the patient’s diet. Accommodations will need to be made because of symptoms that may develop. For example, many mesothelioma patients eventually find it difficult to swallow after treatment. As a result, they will need softer foods such as smoothies or mashed potatoes. Make sure there is a food processor or blender in the kitchen. Meal replacements such as Ensure or Boost can also be a great source of nutrition for someone who has trouble swallowing.

Mesothelioma patients also commonly suffer from dehydration and/or dry mouth. They will typically need to drink a lot of water and cut back on salt. Keep plenty of high-water content foods on hand, such as gelatin and fruit.

Safety First

Someone going through mesothelioma treatment will be much more susceptible to a food-borne illness because his or her immune system will be weakened. That is why it will be so important to be extra safety conscious when it comes to mealtime. If you are preparing food, wash your hands before you start to cook. Make sure all vegetables and fruits are thoroughly cleaned, and scrub down cutting boards and utensils.

Another way you can help a mesothelioma patient is by making sure he or she has a legal representative to help obtain compensation for medical bills and other disease-related expenses. At Baron & Budd, we have a long history of success when it comes to taking action against the asbestos companies responsible for your loved one’s mesothelioma diagnosis. Contact us online or call 855-280-7664 to learn more about your potential legal options.

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