New Years Resolutions for Anyone Affected by Mesothelioma

December 31, 2013  |  Mesothelioma

This New Year we are rethinking everything. Gone with the more typical resolutions that we’ll forget by February. Gone with the self-criticism, gone with the I should have, would have, could have done better, gone with the self-doubt — all of it.

This year we are starting fresh. And we are doing it with you.

People who suffer from rare and deadly diseases like mesothelioma know that life is too short, too beautiful, to take for granted. The same can be said for the families and loved ones of those who suffer. We, and they, know that there are some things in life that matter, and some that don’t.

Losing those stubborn five pounds or kicking the soda habit won’t change your life. But doing the things listed below most certainly can.

With mesothelioma we might not get all of the time we want. But we can make the time we have matter. Here’s how:

Join a Support Group. You may not be fortunate enough to have a mesothelioma or asbestos support group located near you – but there are still options. From support groups for patients suffering from cancer to grief counselors, community or church support groups and social media, there are people who are experienced in assisting cancer patients and their families. Just join our Facebook page to meet others who share your experience.

Ask for Help. This is a cardinal rule of self-help that is so often forgotten. Here’s how it works: Having a difficult time? Speak up. Ask for help. Tell the friend, family member or loved one next to you what they could do to help you get through the day. It will make a world of difference for you, and also help your loved ones by allowing them to be of assistance to you.

Join the Movement to Ban Asbestos. The lawyers at Baron and Budd believe that after the anger, sadness and denial there is another important step: Stepping up. Doing what is right. Making a difference. Joining the movement to ban asbestos will help you make sure that the wrong done to you will not be repeated. It may take a lot of patience and a handful of miracles to effectively ban asbestos in the United States – and the world – but we believe it will happen, and that’s because there are so many dedicated fighters who won’t have it any other way. You can join the movement here:

Be Aware of Current Asbestos Dangers and Safeguard Yourself. Now that you know the hard facts about asbestos and asbestos-related diseases, it’s important to share the knowledge when you can. Sometimes there is simply nothing a person could have done to protect themselves from asbestos exposure – but armed with current knowledge about asbestos dangers there are steps you can take to safeguard your health. Take those steps. And shout them out loud so your community is safe too.

These resolutions may seem simple. That’s because they are. But that doesn’t make them any less powerful.

Happy New Year.

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