Healing Matters Vol. V: Doing Your Part in the Healing Process

August 19, 2013  |  Mesothelioma

This is the fifth installment of a blog series intended to address the complexities of mesothelioma care.

When you are diagnosed with a disease that you know little to nothing about, the natural reaction is to look to your doctor for all the answers. Most people may have heard about mesothelioma a time or two, but their knowledge of the disease ends about there. Therefore, when you receive a mesothelioma diagnosis, it’s hard not to feel a little helpless, so you take comfort in the words of your mesothelioma doctor and the treatments they prescribe.

But your treatments aren’t going to be enough.

Your doctor cannot be the one responsible for you to live well. You must be. And making the decision to live well is the best way to bring you that much closer to healing, both physically and emotionally.

There is a difference between recovering from an illness and being well. For you to live well, you have to commit to doing your part each day, every day. Being an active part of your treatment and healing process can make all the difference for your emotional health — something that your doctor cannot treat. By taking part in your wellness, you become a partner with your medical team instead of relying on them for your hope and piece of mind.

So how do you commit to living well?

Healing Matters Volume 5

There are several steps you can take. Create a wellness plan for yourself. In addition to the treatments you receive for mesothelioma the body also responds positive to much simpler methods. Making sure you get sufficient sleep so that your body can respond best to things like chemotherapy can be crucial in the healing process.

A healthy dietary routine is also a simple but imperative step toward achieving wellness. Speak with your doctor about what type of diet you should adhere to. Include your family and friends on the importance of healthy eating and make it a group effort. Chances are, your loved ones need some physical and emotional healing as well.

An exercise routine can help in more ways than one. Whether you choose to swim, cycle or walk around your neighborhood, a light exercise regimen can boost your energy levels and increase your endorphins. Mesothelioma is often such a debilitating disease that exercise can seem impossible. But keeping the body active, no matter how small, can still be a priority.

Your mesothelioma treatments are intensive and it’s important to stay strong, both in body and mind. That’s why the most important step to being well is maintaining a positive attitude. This is possibly both the easiest and the hardest step to take. But the previous steps are the easiest way to actively stay positive and keep your focus on your ultimate goal: being well. Exercise and a healthy diet will help clear your head and keep your body strong. Creating an actionable plan will help keep you on track on days where you don’t feel so great.

And sleep. Good sleep just makes everything a little better. Right?

The mesothelioma law firm of Baron and Budd wants you to take an active part in your road to wellness and never lose hope. The firm has been working with mesothelioma patients for over 35 years and knows the struggles that the disease can bring. Today, Baron and Budd remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the mesothelioma to the best of its ability.

For more on Baron and Budd, visit here.

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