Choosing a Mesothelioma Lawyer: What You Need to Know

June 27, 2013  |  Mesothelioma
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When it comes to your lawsuit, all mesothelioma lawyers are not created equal.  It is crucial to understand exactly what the law firm you choose is going to do for you.  After all, the difference between a good mesothelioma lawyer and a bad one could mean millions of dollars.  Your lawyer can always try another case, but you and your family only get one chance at obtaining justice for your mesothelioma diagnosis. 

Not to worry, though.  Choosing the right mesothelioma attorney doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.  You just need to know which questions to ask. 

Here are a few questions that can make all the difference when choosing your mesothelioma lawyer.

Is your law firm highly experienced in practicing mesothelioma law?
This might seem simple, but many law firms will claim to be experts at mesothelioma law even though they have little trial experience.  You want to make sure that your mesothelioma lawyer has extensive litigation experience in battling the asbestos companies.  It is important that your law firm has a good track record of obtaining both verdicts and settlements against asbestos companies.  The asbestos lawyers will most definitely research whom they are going up against.  You should, too.

What is your law firm’s record of winning appeals?

Sure, it sounds great to hear about a person who receives a $50 million verdict from their mesothelioma lawsuit, but this means nothing if their mesothelioma attorney wasn’t able to successfully defend the verdict during the appeals process.  Most asbestos companies will appeal the verdicts they lose.  You should make sure that your mesothelioma lawyer has the resources to handle your case if it should reach the appellate level.  Many law firms do not.

Will the law firm I choose actually be the one that is handling my case?

Some law firms are actually only marketing firms that will refer your case to other firms once you have signed.  These marketing law firms collect a fee from your case, but do not actually represent you against the asbestos companies. Instead, you end up being represented by a mesothelioma lawyer that you have never met and that might not be qualified to properly handle your case.  You need to make sure that the law firm you sign with will actually be the one’s that will be representing your interests.

Of course, there are more questions that you need to ask before choosing your mesothelioma law firm. Baron and Budd wants you to be confident when choosing representation for your case.  After 35 years of representing mesothelioma patients, we know just how stressful making the decision can be.  That is why we are here to help you get all the questions that you need answered so that your interests are best served.

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