What Should I Look For and Ask?

Choosing a mesothelioma attorney can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. As experienced attorneys, we know what to ask. Here are a few specific questions that are important to ask.

  1. How many claims they have successfully won at trial and settled for victims and their families?
  2. What percentage does the law firm receive as its attorney’s fee from settlements?
  3. Are there are any other fees for their services?

Check the attorney’s reviews and testimonials to see if other clients were happy with their services. Most importantly, make sure you feel confident that the mesothelioma attorney you choose has the experience necessary to argue your claim.

Choosing the right attorney after a mesothelioma diagnosis is important. Most consultations with a lawyer for mesothelioma claims are free, so use this opportunity to ask as many questions and obtain as much information as possible.

The 3 most important considerations are the law firm’s experience with mesothelioma claims for asbestos exposure, your overall confidence in their ability to handle your case effectively and the attorney fees recovered for their service to you and your family. You should feel like you can trust your legal counsel, but verify the terms included in the attorney-client contract and contingency fee agreement.

The Contingency Fee Contract

A contingency fee is an arrangement made between a plaintiff like yourself and a lawyer or law firm stating the percentage that your legal counsel will receive as attorney fees if they win your case at trial or are successful in settling your claims out of court.

A fair contingency fee percentage for handling mesothelioma claims is 40%, unless the state where the case is filed mandates otherwise.

Experience & Verdicts Matter

There are several considerations that are important when choosing the right attorney no matter what type of case you are pursuing. Look for an attorney who has specific experience handling the specific type of claim that you are making in the lawsuit.  Ask how many asbestos exposure claims they’ve made for clients, how many were settled, how many were brought to trial, and how many favorable verdicts they won vs. lost.

  • Do you feel comfortable working with them and trust them to follow through with what they are proposing?
  • Did the lawyer mention anything about the best venue, or jurisdiction of your claim for optimal compensation?

Consider Your Goals for the Lawsuit

When selecting an attorney for your mesothelioma case, you should think about your goals for pursuing asbestos litigation. You should ask about the approximate timeline for the case to go from investigation, to filing, to being fully resolved via settlement or trial.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel confident in the legal help your attorney can provide so that you and your family can hold the negligent parties responsible for causing your illness. Choose wisely, but don’t hesitate too long for you and your family’s sake.