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Mesothelioma Lawyers

California Mesothelioma Cases Won

In 2012 Baron & Budd won a $48 million trial verdict award for the family of an ex Union Carbide (a subsidiary of Dow Chemical) employee who was diagnosed with mesothelioma from asbestos exposure at work.

In 2009 Baron & Budd successfully represented a mesothelioma victim’s family in an appellate case verdict challenged by the defendant, Kaiser Gypsum. Our mesothelioma attorneys successfully fought the asbestos company’s challenge, and the $20 million settlement was granted once again to the San Francisco family.

Asbestos Exposure Sites in San Diego

There are many sites in the greater San Diego area where exposure to asbestos is likely or proven to have occurred. Some of the most notable locations of asbestos exposure include:

Shipyards & Ship Building Companies:

Naval Repair Shipyard, National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NAASCO), Campbell Industries Shipyard, San Diego Naval Shipyard

Power Plants & Electrics:

NRG Encina Generating Plant, American Electric Powerhouse, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Electric Railway company, Epcor Utilities, General Atomic Sorrento Valley, South Bay Powerhouse, Southern California Edison Power Plant

Military Bases, Navy & Marine Corps:

San Diego Naval Air Station, Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego Naval Shipyard, San Diego Naval Air Station North Island, Naval Supply Center…

Manufacturing & Fabrication:

Tyan Aircraft, Consolidated Aircraft, Kelco Corporation, Ehmcke Sheet Metal Works,  Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation, Arco California

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more confirmed and highly likely sites of asbestos exposure in San Diego, California.

About Our Law Firm

The law firm of Baron & Budd has a reputation across the country among the best mesothelioma lawyers and environmental attorneys for landmark verdict wins and historic settlement negotiations. Scott Summy leads the firm’s San Diego environmental litigation team. Summy and his team continue to fight against entities responsible for polluting the water, land, and air that residents of California hold so dear. This includes fighting for victims diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer from exposure to asbestos in the military, at work, and from products that contain the carcinogen.

Local Attorneys, National Reach

Our local law office represents only a fraction of our firm’s talented legal team. Our employees represent some of the best and brightest legal minds in the United States, including attorneys that handle the following cases for plaintiffs:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Employment Law
  • Whistleblower Rights
  • Recalled Products
  • Dangerous Drugs
  • Medical Device & Prosthetic Implants
  • Class Action Lawsuits

Personal injury cases we take include serious car accidents, commercial truck accident claims, wrongful death lawsuits, crane accidents, fall injuries at work, offshore injuries, plant explosions, and other serious and/or catastrophic injuries.

Our employment attorneys represent both employees and employers in cases involving EEOC claims, FLSA claims, ADA violations, workplace discrimination, employment rights, pay discrimination, and other employment law claims. We have decades of experience representing entities and workers, and take pride in getting results for our clients.

Our whistleblower lawyers protect the rights of clients from retaliation after reporting health care fraud, government contract fraud, government corruption, education fraud, medicare and Medicaid fraud. We ensure that our clients get the compensation they deserve from qui tam laws, rewarding them for their bravery.

Our product liability litigators handle recalled product lawsuits against manufacturers negligent in exposing consumers to dangerous products, food, defective products, and automobiles with manufacturing defects and design flaws.

We aggressively seek justice for victims injured by dangerous prescription drugs like Nexium, Levaquin, Taxotere, Xarelto, and Cipro. If you endured complications after taking prescription drugs, antibiotics, or blood thinner medication our legal team can help determine your eligibility to file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturers.

Dangerous implants and medical devices are an ever growing problem. Our attorneys represent clients injured by defective and recalled devices like Essure birth control, IVC Filter, Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Mesh injuries, and hip replacement surgery complications.

We organize and help clients join class action lawsuits for defective airbags, false advertising, misleading product labeling, and unsafe consumer products. To see if you qualify for participation in a class action, contact our office.

Environmental Case Results & Victories

In 2009 Baron & Budd helped negotiate a $422 million settlement for municipalities in 17 U.S. states for MTBE water contamination. In addition, our environmental attorneys organized a movement for companies responsible for MTBE contamination to commit to a 30 year well treatment and well testing plan.

In 2010 Scott Summy was appointed to two committees overseeing the Gulf Oil Spill Litigation in Louisiana. Summy’s appointment to the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (PSC) and Plaintiff’s Executive Committee (PEC) gave him a leadership role in managing claims against BP, Transocean, Halliburton, and other oil companies involved.

In 2010 Burton LeBlanc of Baron & Budd was retained as legal counsel for the state of Louisiana for the Deepwater Horizon litigation involving the explosion and subsequent oil spill.

In 2008 our California environmental law division negotiated a settlement for a group of environmental organizations against Laidlaw Transportation for violating Prop. 65. In the $4.7 million settlement, Laidlaw agreed to repair the school buses responsible for exposing students to toxic diesel fumes.

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