Wildfire Recovery Attorneys Investigating Claims Regarding Losses Sustained in Dixie/Fly Wildfire

October 18, 2021  |  Environmental, Wildfire
Dixie/Fly Wildfire

The devastating Dixie Fire has burned more than 963,000 acres, killed at least one person, and destroyed more than 1,300 structures.

October 18, 2021 01:29 PM EDT, CHICO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Wildfire Recovery Attorneys are investigating claims that the Dixie Fire, which started in Butte County, was ignited by a power company. According to reports from fire officials, the fire started on July 13, 2021 near the Cresta Dam. High winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity allowed the wildfire to spread quickly throughout five counties.

A second fire known as the Fly Fire started at approximately 5:15 pm on July 22, 2021 in Plumas County and is also being investigated for potentially being started by a power company. The Dixie and Fly Fires merged, and the combined fires are now known solely as the Dixie Fire.

The Dixie Fire has burned more than 963,000 acres, killed one person, damaged 95 structures and destroyed more than 1,300 structures. The Dixie Fire is the largest wildfire of the 2021 California fire season and the second largest fire in California’s history. The Wildfire Recovery Attorneys are seeking individuals who have suffered property loss or other damages due to the Dixie wildfire.

“Unfortunately, wildfire victims often find that their insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover all the losses caused by the fire,” said Baron & Budd Shareholder, John Fiske. “It is our job to hold utility companies accountable for the damage they cause and make sure wildfire victims get the compensation they need in order to cope with their losses and start the rebuilding process.”

In many cases, it is determined that certain parties are responsible for the fires. Wildfire Recovery Attorneys are experienced in representing plaintiffs who have sustained injuries or incurred damages as a result of wildfires.

If you have been affected by the Dixie Fire, please contact us online at www.fireattorneys.com or at 530-488-4605.


Known collectively as Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, Baron & Budd, P.C. and Dixon Diab & Chambers LLP are nationally recognized attorneys that teamed up to help those affected by tragic wildfires. Each of these firms has extensive experience in representing families, businesses and other entities that suffered losses in previous wildfires.

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