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July 23, 2019  |  Serious Accidents, Trucking

Dallas-area news station, WFAA, recently reported on the case of a City of Dallas contract sanitation worker who was killed in a fatal crash involving a city garbage truck. Alvin Sadler was a passenger in the sanitation truck on July 13, 2018, when it crashed into a stopped commercial trash truck. The impact caused a fatal intrusion into the passenger cab compartment of the city truck. Sadler was killed in the crash and another passenger suffered serious injuries.

What Happened?

Investigators have been seeking for nearly a year the information from the City truck’s data recorder. The data recorder could be able to provide investigators with information such as speed, braking issues, and information about the vehicle’s electrical systems. The problem is the city won’t pay $7,500 for a company in Alabama to analyze the data recorder from the truck.

The personal injury attorneys at Baron & Budd have stepped in to help the family of Alvin Sadler get the answers they deserve about the tragic death of their loved one.

Baron & Budd attorney, Bryan Green, talked to WFAA about the frustrations with this case, “We need this information. It’s important information for getting a complete investigation.” Green said both of his clients and their families suffered catastrophic losses and are understandably devastated.

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