This online Brief Bank contains a selection of trial court and appellate briefs from Baron & Budd’s various practice areas. The briefs deal with a variety of issues—some of broad application, others applicable only in more narrow circumstances. Many of these briefs are frequently requested by other attorneys. In some cases, a brief has been included for historical or background information because it was connected to a significant legal opinion, favorable or not.

Full-text searching is available in the Brief Bank. The briefs also can be browsed by jurisdiction, practice area and/or keyword. Feel free to copy and paste material from these briefs in drafting your own pleadings.

But, please note, Baron & Budd does not guarantee that the content of the briefs reflects current law. Please do not rely on these documents in determining the current state of the law; always keycite and do your own research.

Trial court briefs have been edited to protect the privacy of our clients and will refer to clients and their co-workers only through generic labels. Because appellate court briefs and the opinions associated with them are by their nature more public and more readily accessible, the body of the appellate briefs appear as they were filed with the appellate courts.

If you have any questions about the Brief Bank, please contact us.