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If you have a diagnosis of mesothelioma, or if you have lost someone to this cancer, you have come to the right place. Contact our mesothelioma lawyers at 1.866.855.1229 or contact us online today for a complimentary consultation.

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Mesothelioma is a relentless disease caused by a relentless fiber: asbestos. Known for its ability to withstand great heat, asbestos does great damage when its tiny fibers are either breathed in or swallowed.

To win the fight against mesothelioma you need a top-notch asbestos law firm whose qualities match the relentless nature of asbestos: tenacity, years of experience, deep resources, focus and the ability to take a case all the way through a jury trial and, when necessary, an appeal.

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Baron & Budd’s asbestos lawyers were among the first in the country to take on an asbestos-related case, almost 40 years ago, and our dedication to helping people fight has only increased over the years. Today Baron & Budd’s team of dedicated mesothelioma lawyers works across the nation, winning many precedent-setting cases and handling many mesothelioma claims.

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These are cases that our mesothelioma attorneys handled. You might think it’s obvious but, sadly, the “business” of mesothelioma litigation has attracted many lawyers who have never set foot in a courtroom. Unlike Baron & Budd, these types of “marketing” lawyers merely advertise for cases and then send them to the highest bidder for handling.

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Disclaimer: Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for liens, attorney fees and expenses.