Alabama Asbestos-Related Deaths from 1999-2017

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Asbestosis Deaths
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Asbestos Exposure in Alabama

Most asbestos exposure in Alabama occurs in work-related settings. Industrial and manufacturing companies in Alabama commonly used asbestos for its insulation properties. Prior to the 1980s, individuals who worked in trades, such as construction, were at a higher risk of exposure before asbestos was more strongly regulated. Workers in shipyards, power plants, mills, government buildings, manufacturing, construction, and members of the military were particularly at risk of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos in Shipbuilding

Alabama’s coastline made the state home to many large shipyards and shipbuilding companies. Asbestos was commonly used in shipbuilding because of its durability and heat resistance. Shipbuilders and shipyard workers are among the most high-risk professions for developing mesothelioma.

The Alabama Drydock & Shipbuilding Company (ADDSCO) in Mobile is a location known for asbestos exposure that has resulted in disease and numerous lawsuits have been filed against the shipyard for asbestos exposure.

Manufacturing and Asbestos

Steel and factory workers across Alabama were exposed to asbestos. Manufacturing companies used asbestos in many processes because it is resistant to heat and many chemicals. Shook and Fletcher, a wholesale insulation distributor and contractor in Birmingham, used asbestos insulation from the 1940s through the 1970s. The company declared bankruptcy in 2002.

Rock Wool Manufacturing, an asbestos insulating cement manufacturer, used asbestos in its products as a bonding agent. Workers handling the cement and other workers nearby were exposed to the toxic fibers. As a result, the company hurt a lot of workers and faced nearly 150,000 lawsuits from workers and their families.

Partial list of work sites in Alabama with known asbestos exposure
  • 3M Chemical Plant
  • Air Pro
  • Airco Plant
  • Alabama Binder & Chemical Corporation
  • Alabama By‐Products Co. (ABC) Foundry
  • Alabama College
  • Alabama Dry Dock (ADDSCO) Shipyard
  • Alabama Electrical Corp.
  • Alabama Ordinance Works
  • Alabama Pipe Company
  • Alabama Power & Light
  • Alabama Power Office Building
  • Alabama State Docks
  • ALCOA Aluminum Plant
  • Allied/Boise Cascade Paper Mill
  • Allied‐Celotex‐Barrett‐Jim Walters Roof Materials Plant
  • Aluminum Ore Plant
  • Aluminum Ore Powerhouse
  • American Can Paper Mill
  • American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) Pipe Plant
  • American Container Paper Mill
  • American Cyanamid Chemical Plant
  • American Oil Refinery (Amoco)
  • Amoco Chemical Plant
  • Anniston Army Depot
  • Armour/La Roche/Us Agriculture Chemical Plant
  • Atlas Marine Shipyard
  • Automatic Electric Electronics Plant
  • Avondale Chemical Plant
  • Avondale Mills Textile Mill
  • B.C. Fertilizer Plant
  • B.F. Goodrich Plant
  • Badham Insulation Co.
  • Barnett Mill
  • Barry Steam Plant
  • Beaunit “Knitting” Rayon (Coosa Pines) Textile Mill
  • Bell Telephone Building (s)
  • Bellefonte Nuclear Plant
  • Bemis Bag Paper Mill
  • Bender Shipbuilding & Repair
  • Bender Welding & Metal Shop
  • Brewton Paper Mill
  • Brockway Glass
  • Brookley Air Force Base
  • Brookley Field
  • Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant
  • Butler Manufacturing
  • Caldwell Foundry
  • Central Foundry Co.
  • Central Supply Company, Inc.
  • Champion Paper Mill
  • Chemstrand/Monsanto Chemical Plant
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron Fabricating Plant
  • Ciba‐Geigy Chemical Plant
  • Clow Pipe Plant
  • Cogle Lumber Mill
  • Colbert Steam Plant
  • Cole Supply Company, Inc.
  • Container Corporation Paper Mill
  • Continental Can Paper Mill
  • Continental Gin Company
  • Coosa Pipe & Foundry
  • Coosa River Newsprint, aka Kimberly Clark Paper Mill
  • Courtaulds Chemical Plant
  • Craig Air Force Base
  • Culp Smelting & Refining
  • Cumberland Steam Plant
  • Decatur Substation (TVA)
  • Degussa Chemical Plant
  • Diamond Head Chemical Plant
  • Diamond Shamrock/Occidental Alkalai Chemical Plant
  • Doctors Hospital
  • Dow Corning Fiberglass
  • Dupont Powder Plant
  • Eagle Chemical Plant
  • ECM Hospital
  • Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital
  • Empire Building
  • Fairfield Steel Works
  • First National (Southern Natural Gas) Building
  • First National Bank Building
  • Ford Motor Plant
  • Freuhauf Trailer Smelting Plant
  • Gadsden Steam Plant
  • GAF Plant
  • Gant Power Plant
  • Gaston Steam Plant/Wilsonville Steam Plant
  • Georgia Pacific Paper Mill
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant
  • Gorgas Steam Plant
  • Goslin Foundry
  • Green County Paper Mill
  • Green County Steam Plant
  • Gulf Electric Co. Shop
  • Gulf Lumber Mill
  • Gulf Shipyard
  • Gulf States Paper Mill
  • Gulf States Steel
  • Halby Chemical
  • Hammermill/International Paper Mill
  • Hayes International Corporation
  • Hayes International Shop
  • Hercules Powder (Explosives) “Birmingham” Chemical Plant
  • Hollingsworth/Whitney Paper Mill (N/K/A Scott Paper Mill)
  • Humble Oil Field
  • Hunt Oil Refinery
  • Huntsville City Schools
  • Huntsville High School
  • Ideal Cement Plant
  • Ingalls Barge Works Repair Yard
  • Ingalls Iron Works
  • Ingalls Iron Works 2nd Shipbuilding
  • Ingalls Shipyard
  • Ingalls Steel Construction Company
  • International Paper Mill
  • Jacksonville State University
  • James River Paper Mill
  • Jefferson Foundry
  • Jefferson Iron & Metal
  • Ketona Chemical Plant
  • Knit Kote Textile Mill
  • Koppers Plant
  • L & N Railroad Yard
  • Little Big Horn
  • Livingston State Teachers College
  • Livingston University
  • Marathon Oil Refinery
  • Marine Junk Co., Inc.
  • Marine Specialty Store
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Maxwell Air Force Base
  • McMillian Bloedel Paper Mill
  • Mcwane Iron
  • Mead Paper Co.
  • Meade Paper Mill
  • Midland City Elementary School
  • Miller Steam Plant
  • Mobile Airport
  • Mobile Infirmary Hospital
  • Mobile Linen
  • Mobile Pulley & Machine Works
  • Mobile River Saw Mill
  • Mobile Ship Repair (A/K/A Gulf Shipyard)
  • Monsanto Chemical Plant
  • Montclair Baptist Hospital
  • Montclair Hospital
  • Montevallo College
  • Muscle Shoals Rubber Company
  • Muscle Shoals Rubber Plant
  • National Cement Plant
  • National Gypsum Plant
  • Newport/Tenneco/Reichold Plant
  • Nitrate Plant
  • North Brothers Warehouse
  • Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant
  • Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
  • Pepperell Mills
  • Pioneer Fabricating Shop
  • Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Chemical Plant
  • Princeton Hospital
  • Pullman Standard
  • Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing
  • Redstone Arsenal
  • Reichold Chemical Plant
  • Republic Steel
  • Reynolds Alloys Plant
  • Reynolds Aluminum Plant
  • Reynolds Credit Union
  • Reynolds Metals Plant
  • Reynolds Reclamation Plant
  • Reynolite Plant aka Sheffield Can Plant
  • Robbins Tire & Rubber Plant
  • Ruberoid/GAF Manufacturing Plant
  • Russell Foundry
  • Sanders Cotton Mill
  • Scott Paper & Wood Yard
  • Scott Paper Credit Union
  • Scott Paper Mill
  • Shell Chemical Plant
  • Shell Refinery
  • Sloss Furnaces
  • Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron
  • Smith & Kelly Brick Plant
  • Smith Kelly Supply Company
  • Southern Electric Generating (SEGCO) Power Plant
  • Southern Natural Gas Compressor Station
  • Southern Railroad
  • Southern Railroad Warehouse
  • Regis Paper Mill
  • Standard Oil Refinery
  • Stauffer (Lemoyne) Chemical Plant
  • Stockholm Valve
  • Stone Container Paper Mill
  • Stutts Saw Mill
  • Talladega College
  • Tennessee Coal Iron & Railroad Co.
  • Thiokol Chemical
  • Trinity Substation (TVA)
  • Turner Lumber Mill
  • Turner Supply Co.
  • Tutwiler Hotel
  • TVA Ammonia Nitrate Plant
  • TVA Fertilizer Chemical Plant
  • TVA Fossil Fuel Plant
  • TVA Gasification Plant
  • TVA Nerve Gas Plant
  • TVA Nitrate Plant
  • TVA Nitrate Plant #2
  • TVA Office Building
  • TVA P.D.W. Plant
  • TVA Phosphate Development Works Nerve Gas Plant
  • TVA Power Service Shop
  • TVA Service Shop
  • TVA Sheffield Garage
  • U.S. Gypsum Mine
  • U.S. Pipe And Foundry
  • U.S. Reduction Plant
  • U.S. Steel Mill
  • Union Bag Paper Mill
  • Union Camp Paper Mill
  • Union Camp Saw Mill
  • Union Carbide Chemical Plant
  • Union Carbide Metallurgical Plant
  • University Hospital
  • University Of Alabama
  • Vanity Fair Mills
  • Vaugh Medical Center
  • Veterans’ Administration Hospital
  • Virginia Chemical Plant
  • Warrior & Gulf Shipyard
  • Waterman’s Shipyard
  • West Point Pepperell Textile Mill
  • Western Grain Feed Plant
  • Westinghouse Electric Shop
  • Westinghouse Plant
  • Weyerhauser Paper Mill
  • Wheeler Dam Steam Plant
  • Widows Creek Steam Plant
  • Wilsonville Steam Plant
  • Wolverine Copper Tube Plant
  • Woodward Iron/ Koppers

Statute of Limitations to File Mesothelioma Claim in Alabama

There is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit for mesothelioma that varies for each state called the statute of limitations. This means if you do not file within the time limit, you will never be able to pursue legal action or obtain compensation. It’s important that you take legal action within this time frame so you do not miss out on receiving the compensation you may deserve. Contact us here to learn more about how we can help.

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What is mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a deadly and rare form of malignant cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. The most common forms of mesothelioma are: pleural and peritoneal. Pleural mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs and peritoneal mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Victims with pleural mesothelioma may have respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue. Victims with peritoneal mesothelioma may have abdominal swelling, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.

The latency period for mesothelioma is very long. The average latency period is about 30 years, but can be shorter than 15 years or longer than 40 years. This means individuals with mesothelioma may take decades to present symptoms from the time they were exposed to asbestos.

What is asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease caused by asbestos exposure. When asbestos is inhaled the fibers irritate and scar the lining of the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. The lungs become stiff and cannot expand and contract normally. Symptoms of asbestosis are shortness of breath, chest pain, and a dry, persistent cough. Like mesothelioma, the latency period for asbestosis is very long. Symptoms may not present for 10 to 40 years after asbestos exposure.

Military Asbestos Exposure

It is extremely important to know that our attorneys do not sue the military. We seek accountability from the asbestos companies that sold dangerous asbestos products to the military.

Members of all branches of the military may have been exposed to asbestos before it became more restricted in the 1970s. The U.S. military used asbestos products in many areas because of its low cost, durability, and heat resistant properties. The common use of these asbestos products put many U.S. veterans at risk of developing asbestos related diseases, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Below is a list of the military branches and common asbestos exposure sites:

  • Navy – shipyards, boiler rooms, submarines
  • Army – barracks, shipyards, construction
  • Marine Corps – armored vehicles, barracks, ships, aircraft
  • Coast Guard – inside ships, ships, boiler rooms
  • Air Force- bases, airplanes, jets, aircraft maintenance