What is a pill mill?

“Pill mill” is used to describe any doctor, clinic, or pharmacy that prescribes or dispenses powerful drugs without a legitimate medical reason. Pill mills fuel the drug trade and are largely responsible for the prescription drug abuse epidemic in the country.

Retail pharmacists and pharmacy managers are essential in the fight to take down pill mills and prevent opioid abuse. While opioid manufacturers and distributors play a major role in the opioid epidemic, chain pharmacies, such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens are also responsible.

These national pharmaceutical chains are more concerned with making profits than they are about safety. Pharmacists have been pressured by their employers to fill prescriptions without evaluating whether they are potentially fraudulent or even deadly.

Irresponsible dispensing policies and procedures are not new to these chains. Back in 2013, Walgreens had to pay $80 million in penalties after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency found it had committed an unprecedented number of violations of the Controlled Substances Act.

How You Can Help

According to the CDC, 46 people die every day from overdoses involving prescription opioids, but you can help prevent these deaths by reporting reckless dispensing practices. Baron & Budd is seeking current or former pharmacists and pharmacy managers who know the dispensing practices and policies of the chain pharmacies and how they supported negligent dispensing practices. National pharmaceutical chains such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens could be responsible for defrauding the government and aiding in the opioid epidemic.

False Claims Act (FCA)

You should know that you can be compensated for becoming a whistleblower and exposing those companies or individuals who are committing fraud. Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation from their employers by the Federal False Claims Act (FCA). Under this act, whistleblowers cannot be fired, demoted or denied regular benefits in response or retaliation to reporting fraud. Whistleblowers should contact an attorney to ensure protection in these cases.

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience in Qui Tam cases, the attorneys on Baron & Budd’s whistleblower representation team have represented some 70 clients in government fraud cases returning over $5.4 billion to federal and state agencies, with whistleblower recovery shares as high as 49%. They are ready to help if you feel you have the evidence needed in order to pursue a whistleblower lawsuit. Please call 866-401-5971 or contact us online if you would like more information. For more information, see How do I become a government fraud whistleblower?  Please understand that contacting us does not mean that you have established an attorney-client relationship with Baron & Budd, P.C.

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Whistleblower Protections

Baron & Budd attorneys are here to protect you. Under federal law, employers are not allowed to take “adverse action” against their employees involved in a whistleblower case. Your employer MAY NOT:

  • Fire, demote, or discipline you
  • Deny you of benefits, promotion, or overtime
  • Reduce your pay
  • Intimidate or harass you at work or blacklist you in the industry

This is why it is so important to have our experienced attorneys on your side.