Physical abuse of older or disabled people in nursing homes should never be tolerated. Sadly, this type of abuse does exist and generally is caused by physical striking with objects. However, there are additional forms of physical abuse that are specifically associated with elders in nursing homes such as the improper use of either physical or chemical/medicinal restraints.

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If any form of physical abuse caused you or your loved one to suffer bodily injuries, serious pain or even death, you may have a potential nursing home injury lawsuit. Please call our nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as you can.

Has Your Loved One Suffered From:

  • Slapping or Punching
  • Pushing or Pulling
  • Rough handling
  • Shaking
  • Kicking
  • Hitting with an Object or Having an Object Thrown at Them
  • Unnecessary Physical Restraints and/or Chemical Restraints
  • Heavy Sedation and/or Unnecessary Chemical or “Medicinal” Restraints that May Not Have Been Authorized by a Physician
  • Asphyxiation or Strangling with Aspiration
  • Unexplained Signs of Injury or Assault Including Bruises, Blisters, Wounds, Welts or Cuts
  • Fractured Hips; Broken Bones
  • Emergency Treatment and/or Hospitalization

Any of these horrifying examples may be a sign of elder abuse or assault, something that appears to be on the rise — and in shocking numbers. According to one of the most recent studies of elder abuse, titled “Under the Radar: New York State Elder Abuse,” elder abuse may occur in roughly one out of every ten senior citizens in nursing homes.

One out of every ten? Let’s focus on that for a moment: Over one-and-a-half million Americans live in nursing homes. And ten percent of 1.5 million Americans is a tremendous amount of abuse!

Senior citizens living in Texas may be in particular risk of suffering from nursing home abuse, according to ABC News. Because of this, our lawyers are focusing in on individuals hurt in Texas — along with those in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Washington. Some states have proven better than others at caring for elders and protecting them from abuse in nursing homes. If your loved one suffered from nursing home abuse, especially in one of these states, please contact us as soon as possible at 866-612-0246 or get started online here.

Senior citizens living in nursing homes may suffer from physical abuse like punching, choking or excessive use of restraints from staff members that result in the loss of life or serious injuries or pain. If someone you know was hurt or suffered serious injuries, pain or death, we encourage you to call our nursing home abuse lawyers and team at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

Is There a Distinction Between Elder Abuse and Neglect?

Yes. The federal government has two separate definitions of abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

According to the federal government, elderly abuse is a “willful infliction of injury” — i.e., a conscious and active act. Neglect is understood as something that is passive… i.e., “they should have done something, but didn’t.” (Something we hear all the time when talking to families whose loved one suffered from nursing home abuse!)

Our nursing home abuse team is representing people who were both hurt by physical abuse and neglect — which means you may have a potential nursing home abuse lawsuit if you or someone you know suffered from serious bodily harm, pain or death. If you believe that you may have a potential nursing home abuse lawsuit that has to do with neglect, we encourage you to contact our nursing home injury lawyers as soon as possible at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

How Big is the Problem?

Taking all of the different forms of elderly nursing home abuse into account, our nursing home abuse team has found four distinct forms of elder abuse including: Physical Abuse, Sexual Assault, Emotional Abuse and Medical Negligence and Assault.

We encourage you to read the distinct nursing home abuse pages and discover which type of abuse your loved one may have suffered from. If you believe your loved one suffered a serious harm because of nursing home abuse, be it physical, emotional, sexual or related to medical negligence, we encourage you to call our nursing home abuse team at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

And don’t think this is a freak occurrence — as roughly as one out of every ten senior citizens in nursing homes may have experienced abuse!

Other Nursing Home Injuries from Assault & Physical Abuse Include:

  • Unexplained fractures
  • Unexplained or frequent bruises
  • Burns & skin abrasions
  • Sprained joints
  • Lacerations around wrists and ankles from excessive restraint usage
  • Sudden death
  • Head trauma
  • Being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease without explanation

How Can This Happen?

There is no justification for elder abuse or elder assault. That being said, there are many factors that may contribute to elder abuse. Below are the circumstances that our nursing home abuse lawyer team has found most often contribute to this serious problem.

Lack of Oversight + Accountability

Every business or institution in charge of taking care of vulnerable people requires a system of oversight to report errors and maintain safety and accountability. While it varies by state, nursing homes may sometimes lack oversight and fail to have proper systems of safety and accountability in place to maintain safety standards at all times. We think that’s appalling, considering the potential high-risk environment of nursing home work.

In particular, our nursing home abuse team is focused on Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Washington, as we have found these states to have more problems with maintaining nursing home safety standards than others states throughout the country.

Dangerous Misuse or Lack of Funds

Trusted your parent’s nursing home facility due to its pretty walls and world-class food? We’ve been there. But it doesn’t (always) work.

The truth is, nursing home management needs to put their money where it counts — in keeping their residents safe and protected — instead of the exterior stuff that’s pretty hard to keep track of on a day-by-day business, anyway. If they’d like to add the pretty decor and world-class food, great, but only after the basics of safety have been accounted for.

Ever wonder if a nursing home has a “Front Door” that shows off the beautiful facilities, and a “Back Door,” where all of the real business takes place? Yeah, we’ve wondered that, too. Because, unfortunately, we’ve seen a whole lot of top-notch, expensive nursing homes with great landscaping and a full roster of classes and social activities that turned out to have horrible track records of abuse and neglect of residents. It’s pitiful!

Employment and Societal/Cultural Stressors

Sometimes it’s some “Bad Seeds” that are causing the abuse — again and again. But as you might guess, the “Bad Seed” problem is really two-fold. On one hand, the bad seeds should not be causing the abuse or neglect that they are causing; and on the other hand, they probably shouldn’t have been hired in the first place — or had their repeated abuses overlooked.  The risk of caregiver abuse may unfortunately increase when the caregiver is tending to elders with physical or mental impairments, including dementia.

Nursing homes are high-stress environments that tend to have a very high staff turnaround. Because of this, there are often temporary workers and contractors doing the important work of tending to your loved ones. Nursing homes are responsible to hire and oversee only competent and compassionate caregivers.

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