At quick glance, statistics regarding Oregon nursing home safety violations and deficiency citations for breaking state and federal law seem about average compared with other moderately problematic states. Although Oregon nursing home stats are somewhat ordinary when compared to other homes across the nation, they certain have their share of lawsuits filed against them alleging the care provided is negligent. For example, in February 2015, a man alleged that while he was recovering from back surgery, after waiting three hours for help to go to the bathroom, he went without help and ended up with a broken pelvis. He filed a lawsuit asking for $4 million.

In March 2015, a man sued an Oregon nursing home for $9 million when the staff allegedly ignored his complaints about a bad catheter insertion. The man ended up with sepsis and gangrene in his penis, resulting in the amputation of his penis.

If you or your loved one was injured or died in an Oregon nursing home due to abuse or neglect, contact an attorney for nursing home abuse injuries and neglect. Also, do some careful investigation before placing your loved one in an Oregon nursing home. Call 866-612-0246 to consult with an attorney at our firm about a nursing home abuse case.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Star Ratings

CMS has a star rating system for nursing homes based on a number of factors. Some of those factors include:

  • How they perform in home inspections.
  • The quality of the nursing staff.
  • How much time the nursing staff spends with each patient.
  • Quality exhibited when 11 criteria concerning how they meet the clinical and physical needs of their patients are evaluated.

In 2015, Oregon received 3.4 stars and was ranked at 24 with 49% of homes receiving three or fewer stars.

Families for Better Care: Grades and Ranks

A non-profit citizen advocacy group, Families for Better Care (FBC), considers reports by CMS and gives each state a grade based on the cumulative errors found at all nursing homes. It then compares a state’s overall performance with that of nursing homes in other states. It gives each state an overall grade between “A” and “F” and ranks the homes in relationship to how they perform in comparison to other states.

At first glance, it may seem that Oregon nursing homes are doing pretty well since, for 2014, the most recent year for which FBC has given grades, Oregon received an overall grade of “B” and was ranked 17 out of 50. The concern comes in that in 2013, they received an “A” and ranked 5. This extreme plummet was based on its “F” grades for severe deficiencies, for health inspections and for number of nursing hours spent per patient.

According to FBC, nearly 40 percent of all homes failed health inspections and one-third received severe deficiencies, meaning one-third of their residents suffered from a threat of immediate injury or death due to abuse or neglect.

Specific Problems in Oregon Nursing Homes Found by CMS

CMS inspects each home every year and reports on its deficiencies. A chart is compiled including deficiencies found in the last three inspections. An updated report published in March 2016 compiling statistics for the previous three years noted the following major problems with Oregon nursing homes:

  • Out of 137 homes, there were 2,665 deficiencies.
  • Of the many deficiencies, 14 were serious and could lead to injury or a resident’s death.
  • Fines were imposed when 103 deficiencies were not corrected within the time allotted.
  • On three occasions, CMS withheld payment when deficiencies were not corrected.

Who is in Charge of Regulating and Licensing Oregon Nursing Homes?

The Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight is responsible for licensing and certification of nursing homes. Oregon also has a long term care Ombudsman Program for receiving and investigating complaints received by residents and their families. In 2014, 68% of all Ombudsman complaints were verified.

Where Can I Get Help with Nursing Home Abuse in Oregon?

If you need an Oregon nursing home abuse attorney, call Baron & Budd today at 866-612-0246 to schedule a free consultation. If a loved one has suffered because of a nursing home’s negligence, do the right thing and hold them responsible. An elder abuse lawyer at our firm can help you get justice for your loved one.

Oregon Nursing Homes on the Watch List

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