Most people entrusted with caring for another human being do the right thing, treating the person depending on them for basic human needs and care with dignity, respect, and humility. The very small percentage of people who don’t do the right thing are capable of atrocious acts; memory care and skilled nursing homes across the state of Iowa have been reported because of this. Conduct thorough and exhaustive research before placing a loved one in an Iowa nursing home. The homes are ranked among the worst in the country according to and instead of improving over the years, the care has gotten worse.

In March of 2016 the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that the state did not have a duty to defend potential victims of the violent sex offender William Cubbage, as the original suit aimed to prove. When Cubbage was release from the Civil Commitment Unit for Sex Offenders in 2010, they moved him to the Pomeroy Care Center nursing home where an 8 year old visiting a relative witnessed him molesting another resident. The state of Iowa has no accountability for this incident according to the Iowa Court of Appeal’s ruling.

If you or a loved one has suffered negligence, physical abuse, or sexual abuse in a nursing home you should seek help. We recommend retaining the services of an experienced nursing home abuse attorney.

Families for Better Care: F Rating

An advocacy group for nursing home abuse victims and non-profit agency called Families for Better Care rates nursing homes every year based on the amount of errors that occur at car facilities in the state. Each state is issued a letter grade between “A” and “F” reflecting the nursing home’s errors and deficiencies. FBC also ranks each state in a comparison against other states in the US.

In 2014, the most recent year for which grades are available, Iowa received an overall grade of “F” and ranked 46 out of all 50 states. This was worse than 2013 when they also received an “F,” but were ranked at 41.

The executive director of FBC commented: “Iowa’s ranking shows that nursing homes are riddled with problems. The state failed to achieve an above average grade in any statistical category and actually lost ground in half of the measures.”

87% of all Iowa nursing home complaints were verified.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

CMS rates nursing homes on a five-star scale based on home inspection reports, quality of nursing staff and how the clinical and physical needs of the patients are met. According to CMS date reported in 2014 for star ratings, out of Iowa’s 441 homes:

  • Nearly half received three or fewer stars.
  • One star was given to 45 homes, which is way below average.
  • Only two stars were given to 83 homes, which is below average.

Specific Problems in Iowa Nursing Homes Found by CMS and FBC

CMS cites homes who have deficiencies and these deficiencies are some of the factors used by FBC in compiling its grades. Specific problems Iowa nursing homes have include, but are not limited to:

  • Out of 441 homes, there were 6,956 deficiencies in 2014. A deficiency is a violation of state or federal law. When CMS issues a deficiency, it gives the home a certain period of time to correct the problem.
  • Of the 6,956 deficiencies, 96 were considered serious. Serious means a resident was in immediate danger of being injured or killed due to abuse or neglect.
  • When deficiencies are not corrected on time, fines are imposed. In Iowa, 125 fines were imposed.
  • In 50 cases, CMS refused to pay for any services until deficiencies were corrected.

Who is in Charge of Regulating and Licensing Iowa Nursing Homes?

The Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals, Health Facilities Division, is in charge of licensing, inspecting, and regulating nursing homes and other live-in facilities for elderly, convalescent, and memory care. There is a long-term care Ombudsman in charge of working to resolve complaints. Complaints are investigated, and those the Ombudsman determines have merit are considered verified. In 2014, 87% of all Iowa nursing home complaints were verified.

Should I File a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one was injured, neglected, or abused in a care facility, we can help determine whether you have a case. Contact us today and a nursing home abuse lawyer from Baron & Budd will schedule a consultation with you. If we find that you do have a possible lawsuit claim for abuse in a nursing home facility, we will fight aggressively to hold the nursing home and its staff accountable for any wrongdoing. Call 866-612-0246 now to schedule a free consultation with our law firm.

Iowa Nursing Homes on the SFF Government Watch List


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