Collin Dyer

Collin Dyer joined Baron & Budd’s Wildfire Recovery Group in Chico, California in November 2018 to assist with the Camp Fire. Mr. Dyer is a Chico-based lawyer who earned his law degree from San Francisco Law School in 2015. As an intern with the California Court of Appeal, Mr. Dyer helped protect Californians against a major pharmaceutical manufacturer who harmed a number of patients. As a law student, Mr. Dyer earned accolades in Criminal Procedure, Corporate Law, and Civil Practice.

Since passing the California Bar, Mr. Dyer has helped our citizens who seek to recover what they are due from insurance companies after an accident. He has also assisted California real estate developers, agents, and property managers recover from undeserved losses. In addition, Mr. Dyer has worked for the San Francisco County Public Defender’s office and private law firms: “Where large entities seek to leverage major resources against my fellow Californians, I am here to fight back.”

Mr. Dyer is a Northern California local. He grew up in Alameda and completed his law degree in San Francisco. Prior to attending law school, he earned a Ph.D. from University of California at Santa Barbara in biochemistry. Mr. Dyer changed careers from science to law in 2008 as he sought to interface more directly with the community and use his analytical skills to help people who have been wronged. Mr. Dyer has served on the Board of Directors for the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, and as a volunteer at the Oakland Cityteam homeless shelter.

Mr. Dyer completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he met his wife. They enjoy biking, hiking, and practicing yoga around Chico. Collin also attends to two cats named Tubby and Jimmie.


San Francisco Law School (J.D. 2015)
University of California Santa Barbara (Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry 2008)
Reed College, Portland Oregon (B.A. Chemistry 2002)

Bar & Court Admissions