Worker Dies in North Dakota Oilfield Fire

April 4, 2017  |  Serious Accidents
Worker Dies in North Dakota Oilfield Fire

Oilfield accidents are far too common, and many times they turn tragic. Yet another example is an accident that occurred in a North Dakota oilfield in January 2017, killing a 24-year-old worker.

Yet Another Oilfield Fire

One of the more common causes of oilfield accidents is fire – and that’s exactly what occurred in the North Dakota tragedy. The worker was in a structure known as a “treater shack,” which houses equipment used to separate oil from water and gas. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene and emergency personnel found the shack on fire. The man’s body was later found in the collapsed rubble.

Dangerous Oilfield Occupations

Just about every job on an oilfield carries the risk of serious injury or death. These are just a few of the more dangerous occupations.

  • Drillers – They typically operate the controls of a drilling rig and supervise several other employees who work on the rig.
  • Motorhands – Motorhands are typically responsible for making sure that drilling rig equipment works properly.
  • Floorhands – These workers perform a host of functions on a drilling rig, such as stacking sections of pipe, connecting pipes, setting up and breaking down a rig, and many others.
  • Welders – Welders are continually in danger from fires and explosions, and are also exposed to toxic fumes on a regular basis.
  • Mechanics – Mechanics often use grinders, cutting torches and other dangerous equipment, and these equipment often contribute to fires and explosions.
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