Woman Dies After Truck Carrying Takata Airbags Explodes

September 6, 2016  |  Class Actions, Takata

On August 22, a horrific explosion involving a truck transporting components used to make Takata airbags killed a Texas woman and injured four other people. The woman was in a nearby house that caught fire after the explosion occurred.

A Horrible Accident

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the truck was transporting airbag propellant from Washington to an Eagle Pass, TX warehouse owned by Takata. It was travelling through Quemado, TX when the driver was unable to negotiate a curve and the truck crashed near a house. The blast was so large it damaged 10 homes, tearing doors off their hinges and breaking windows. The driver of the truck, as well as a passenger, were able to escape the truck before the explosion occurred.

A Takata spokesman said that the truck contained ammonium nitrate, the chemical compound that has been blamed for causing airbags to explode with too much force. At least 14 deaths and 150 injuries have been linked to the defect, which has resulted in the largest automotive recall in U.S. history. More than 100 million vehicles have been recalled so far.

When the ammonium nitrate contained in faulty Takata airbags is exposed to humidity or moisture, the airbag can inflate with too much force. This can lead to metal shrapnel being sprayed throughout a vehicle.

Massive Legal Action

Plaintiffs have filed lawsuits across the country, alleging that Takata designed defective airbags with full knowledge that their products were dangerous. The New York Times reported that Takata covered up tests that showed its airbags were flawed, ordering laboratory technicians to delete their findings. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for medical bills and other damages.

If you would like to learn more about your potential legal options if you or a loved one has been harmed due to a defective Takata airbag, please complete our contact form to contact Baron & Budd online or call 866-633-2906.

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