How Village Healthcare & Rehab in McAllen, Texas Dropped Two Stars in One Year

Like most things in life, loss in Medicare quality rating stars at nursing homes tend to occur slowly. Here you’ll find a cut in staffing hours or staff-to-patient ratios. A few months later necessary facility upgrades are stalled, once again. Nursing staff forgets to follow protocol, resulting in a patient’s serious, albeit preventable, health complication. Problems are not connected. Again, and yet again.

But that’s so not the case with Village Healthcare & Rehab in McAllen, Texas. For Village Healthcare, that significant decline in quality and safety, the loss of two (out of five) stars, happened within a matter of months, in the exact same year. (Source:

How? For one, in 2015 they had 18 reported health deficiencies in standards that are important to maintain safe facilities, staff and nurse procedures and patient safety.

And then there’s more. In fact, there are very specific cases of of questionable care at Village Healthcare & Rehab, including: failing to place insulin orders upon a resident’s readmission. That failure led to 49 consecutive shifts of the resident missing their necessary insulin treatment. The resident was rushed to the hospital as a result.

In another harm report from 2014, a nursing staff failed to provide necessary wound care treatments to a resident’s pressure ulcer, failed to provide an air mattress for another resident with a pressure ulcer and failed to provide liquid protein supplementation with water as ordered by another resident’s physician.

If you’re considering Village Healthcare & Rehab in McAllen — or if your elderly loved one is already a resident — we understand the many different considerations that go into choosing a nursing home. We understand the importance of distance, how necessary it is to be close enough to actually see your loved one in person.

However, due to how unsafe many nursing homes in Texas have become— truly understanding the level of care the nursing home can provide, the staff ratios and the facilities’ Medicare star rating could not be more important.

Knowing where your nursing home stands can help save your loved one’s life.

We encourage you to read up on the biggest examples of nursing home abuse, including elder abuse and neglect. Then, if you are concerned that your elderly loved one may have been injured or neglected in Village Healthcare and Rehab, please, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Not only are there time constraints in filing a police or other report of elder abuse, there are also constraints in terms of filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit. A free and confidential consult over the phone with one of our lawyers can help you figure out your rights, how much time you have and, most importantly, how an elder abuse lawsuit can help protect your loved one or honor their life and the needless abuse they suffered.

To get started, call us at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

A meager one out of five stars is NEVER something to take lightly, especially when the life of your elderly loved one or parent is at stake.

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