It Was NOT Anything You Did: On the Unusual Side Effects that May Come with Taking Risperdal

As if you had one more thing to worry about. First there were the problems you were having at school, with your friends and family. You were doing the best you could but some people, maybe the teachers or head people at your school or your parents, thought it was not good enough. You went to a doctor. They said you had some sort of behavioral problem and they put you on a very strong medication that was supposed to help you. You may have not wanted to start taking the medication, who wants to have to swallow pills every single day, or you may have actually looked forward to seeing any benefits from taking the medication. Maybe, you thought, maybe Risperdal could help you? After all, less problems at school, less fighting with your parents, that would have been nice.

What no one told you about — not the doctors or your parents or anyone who recommended taking Risperdal, was that Risperdal may cause male breast development in young men. Right. As if you need one more thing to worry about!

The thing is, your parents did not know that Risperdal could do this. Neither did the school officials or even the doctors or psychiatrists. Had these people known, they probably would have weighed the risks with the benefits, they would have discussed this with you and you may have taken a different drug entirely altogether.

No one knew because of one key reason: The marketers of Risperdal, Johnson & Johnson, did not clearly provide healthcare workers or patients with this information. They did not clearly state that this was a problem, that Risperdal could cause male breast growth development in young men. But while the doctors and your parents and the school officials, while all of those people did not know, Johnson & Johnson did. And yet they marketed and sold the drug to you and your parents anyways.

If you were having problems at school or with your classmates before taking Risperdal, then taking Risperdal and developing breasts was probably the absolute last thing you needed.

It’s easy enough to bully or pick fights with someone who is different than other people. But if a young man starts to develop breasts, he just becomes an easy target for people to pick on. Again, it was not anything you did. Not the breast growth or the embarrassment or isolation that it brought along — you did not ask for this and it was not something that “just happens to some people.”

Having to take a medication for your behavioral problems is not a problem. Everyone takes some sort of medication at some point in time. But developing breasts because of it, that was a problem. And it did not help you one bit as you worked to change and improve your life!

The good news is you are not alone. You are NOT the only person that this happened to.

And as more doctors and patients have become aware of what was happening, they have turned to lawyers to help them speak up and tell Johnson & Johnson that this was not right.

If you took Risperdal and suffered from male breast growth, you may be able to file a Risperdal lawsuit. The lawsuit can help you tell Johnson & Johnson that what they did was wrong, and it may also help you and your family be compensated (make some money) because of the suffering. The money won’t take what happened away, it won’t make the pain all better, but it can help you build a new life.

To learn more, call our Risperdal lawyers at 866-520-2755 or email us here.

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