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October 21, 2015  |  Class Actions, Financial Fraud, Press Releases

Student Loan Borrowers Already Crippled With Debt May Also Struggle With Unfair Loan Servicing

Dallas, TX (Oct. 21, 2015) — The student loan crisis has hit a nationwide high wherein the current balance of all federal loans amounts to $902 billion, with around another $140 billion in private student loans. In all, around 41 million student loan borrowers are being crippled with a $1.2 trillion debt that keeps on rising thanks in part to rising interest and fees.

According to a Department of Education survey of 2007-8 graduates, around two-thirds of recipients of bachelor’s degrees borrow money from the government or from private lenders in order to attend college. The federal government has contracts with 11 student loan servicing companies. Before 2010, federal student loans were primarily made by private lenders. That ended with the termination of the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) in 2010. Unfortunately, a recent report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has found that federal student loans that are made by private lenders may have a higher rate of financially distressed borrowers. In fact, while one in four student loan borrowers are in default or delinquent nationwide, the report found that nearly one-third of FFELP borrowers are in default or delinquent in repaying their loans.

“The fact is that many consumers who took out private student loans during the financial crisis graduated from college into an extremely challenging labor market.  As a result, many borrowers are struggling to repay the student loan money they borrowed during this period.  However, during these times of distress, borrowers report that many private student loan lenders and servicers do not transparently communicate consistent information on how to avoid default or provide viable options to resolve delinquencies,” says Baron & Budd shareholder Dan Alberstone. “That’s an indication that the cost of getting an education has not only sky-rocketed, but that there may be other deceptive or wrongful practices at play.”

If one or more of your student loan servicers has failed to inform you of all of your repayment options or if you are struggling in repaying your student loan and have received no help from your student loan lender or servicer, you may be able to file a student loan lawsuit. Contact a lawyer at 866-723-1890 or complete our contact form to learn more.

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