Uncovering Corporate Misconduct:  The American People “Take Justice Back”

November 14, 2012  |  Other

When it comes to the pursuit of justice, many Americans are ignorant about just how far big corporations tip the scales through the use of calculated spin tactics. Adding insult to injury, the corporations trying to avoid scrutiny typically vilify the people who suffer and speak out.

Most famous case-in-point? The McDonald’s hot coffee case, which was widely touted by tort-reformers, when in fact the burn victim just wanted to be reimbursed for her medical bills and only pursued legal action when McDonald’s refused to cover her $10,000 or so of expenses.

So how does the average person stand a chance? Well, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) thinks it’s through education, which began yesterday with the launch of their new website, http://takejusticeback.com, a part of a larger grassroots campaign.

“Take Justice Back” is a campaign to inform the American people about some hard truths, including why we should all care about protecting the civil justice system. 

The campaign’s objectives are to:

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  • Educate people about how their rights are being threatened.
  • Motivate Americans by sharing real stories of people denied justice.
  • Engage consumers through social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Empower activism by creating a portal where people can share information, send letters to members of Congress, sign petitions and link to their own blogs.


The new website hits the issue of tort reform straight on, actively dispelling some common stereotypes and exposing the lies of tort reformers.  Users are encouraged to share their own stories and learn about how others fought back. Not only can users learn about and take action against the wrongs of big business, but they can also link the petitions to their social media pages.

AAJ, a 65-year-old non-profit organization, has long sought to protect the rights of people who suffer injustice at the hands of large corporations, but the new campaign takes their mission to a new level, empowering Americans to actively protect their rights and serving as a platform for centralized action.

After almost 35 years of fighting against the injustices brought on by major corporations, Baron and Budd is tremendously supportive of the “Take Justice Back” initiative. Baron and Budd shareholder Burton LeBlanc currently serves as AAJ’s President-Elect, and Russell Budd, the firm’s co-founder and managing shareholder, currently sits on the organization’s board of governors.

To get involved in AAJ’s “Take Back Justice” campaign, simply visit their website and learn what you can do to start taking back your rights.

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