Improved Trucking Safety: It’s Just Good Business

January 26, 2017  |  Serious Accidents

A lot of trucking companies might only pay lip service to safety. But those that take it seriously not only make our city streets and highways a great deal safer, they can also save substantial money on their insurance costs.

Driver Wellness

A critical factor to any good safety program is a driver wellness initiative that includes mandatory breaks. Anything that trucking companies can do to improve driver health and ensure they get the proper rest on the road will make everyone safer. When drivers are healthier, fewer accidents occur.

Cause and Effect

When fewer accidents occur, truck companies’ insurance carriers are happy. As a result, carriers are more likely to offer better rates on premiums. Trucking companies will also not have to file as many claims, which improves an insurance industry benchmark known as “modification rating.” This is a rating that insurance providers use to decide not only whether or not to offer coverage, but also how much to charge in premiums. The better a company’s rating, the lower its premiums will be.

Unfortunately, although it makes perfect sense to have sound safety programs in place, far too many trucking companies continue to try and cut corners wherever they can to maximize their almighty profits. When this happens, and negligence occurs that leads to a devastating accident, the negligent company must be forced to pay dearly.

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