The Arbitration Fairness Act: Restoring the People’s Right to Justice

May 9, 2013  |  Other, Forced Arbitration

mandatory arbitrationWhen you are a victim of a crime, no matter how larger or small, you trust that the court system will give you due process to ensure that justice is served. Whether you were a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, financial fraud from your banking institution or employment discrimination under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, you deserve the right to a fair trial.

Or do you?

Mandatory arbitration clauses have stripped the rights of many individuals from obtaining justice from the companies that have caused them harm. A mandatory arbitration clause takes away your ability to go to court over a dispute with the business in question, even when a major injury is involved. Instead, you are forced into a private arbitration group set up by the very same business that you have a complaint with.

This creates an unfair and biased approach to justice and should not be the only means to have your complaint heard. It is a fundamental right to have access to the U.S. court system if you have been wronged, no matter how clever and sneaky a company’s contract writers may be. That is why Baron and Budd joins the American Association of Justice (AAJ) in asking you to actively support S. 878/H.R. 1844, or the Arbitration Fairness Act (AFA) of 2013.

On Tuesday, May 7th, the AFA bill was reintroduced in the 113th Congress session with 17 co-sponsors for the senate bill and 22 co-sponsors for the house bill. AAJ worked with the cosponsors to bring the bill to congress in order to shed light on the injustice of mandatory arbitration. AFA would restore the people’s right to pursue justice and ensure accountability of corporate interests by stopping the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer, civil and employment contracts.

AAJ hopes that the bill will spur movement against mandatory arbitration through congressional hearings, increased media attention and increased support from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Most importantly, AAJ is hoping that you will join with us in asking congress to pass AFA and stop the use of hidden mandatory arbitration clauses.

AAJ is asking you to help spread the word about the legislation with your family and friends. Many people don’t know about mandatory arbitration clauses until it is too late and they are denied their right to the court system. AAJ has multiple ways of spreading the message on their website, including a link to email your congress member and materials you can share through social media. You can visit AAJ’s “Take Justice Back” campaign and help do your part to end mandatory arbitration clauses by visiting here.

The national law firm of Baron and Budd has been protecting the interests of the people against the wrongful negligence of corporations for over 35 years. The firm believes it is a fundamental right to have access to the court system in order to guarantee that justice is served.

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