This Thanksgiving We Are Grateful For You

November 26, 2014  |  Other

Seems like we’ve been hearing a lot of bad news lately, both in the actual news media and on our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and the endless blogs we come across and share with friends.

Enough!— We’re bound to say after a long week with too many harsh realities and even harsher opinions online.

Because of all the harsh, we try to keep things hopeful on our page.

We try to focus on the things you can do as a citizen, patient or consumer to better our world and we try to put our anger, fears and frustrations into actionable steps. We focus on seeking justice by holding negligent companies accountable. We do all of that because:

1. We know how much you put up with on a day-by-day basis and want to offer hope and concrete things you can do for yourself and others.

2. We really believe that there is a future where all of our hard work and efforts — where all of our pain and suffering, even — will be rewarded.

So this is for you …

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We know many of our clients are going home to spend time with their friends and families and we wish you the best.

Unfortunately, some of our clients may be unable to go home for the holidays this year.

Whether you are a woman who was injured by power morcellator device surgery or a teen boy who took Risperdal only to develop male breast tissue growth (and suffer the bullying that goes along with it), or whether you are the owner of a car with the potentially deadly defective Takata air bags, the going may have been rough for you and your family this year.

That’s why, while the news may be bad, while the finances or health issues may be hurting, we’ve got to tell you this one thing: We’re thankful for you, because the fighting you are doing matters.

We’re thankful for you sticking with it no matter what; because news cycles come and go, but it’s the people who do good, who live their lives with purpose, they really stay — and matter — forever.

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