Loved One in a Nursing Home in Texas? Be Very Afraid

September 9, 2015  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

We don’t always speak so bluntly — in fact, we almost never do. But if your loved one is in a nursing home in Texas, you may need to Be Very Afraid.

That’s because Texas once again has received a shockingly subpar nursing home quality rating compared to every other state rating for nursing homes in the country. This rating doesn’t have to do with quality in the sense of nice bed linens or freshly scrubbed bathroom tiles. Instead, the subpar quality has to do with matters that can directly affect the life of your loved one.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation report is just one of many other unfortunate findings regarding nursing homes in the state of Texas. It found that Texas-based nursing homes failed in six out of eight total categories, making Texas the worst-in-class state for nursing homes in the country.

For a state that’s already been under so much scrutiny this past year in the news, this report is one final reminder that something really does need to change to protect our elder citizens. Given this report, we think the change needs to start with protecting our elderly loved ones in nursing homes throughout Texas.

Watch out for these signs of elder abuse and neglect:

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  • Physical signs of sexual abuse in nursing homes include bruising or cuts, perhaps indicating attempted resistance, especially around private parts
  • Scars, black eyes, broken bones indicating physical abuse like hitting, slapping, punching or throwing
  • Evidence of physical or medicinal restraints made to keep the elderly resident in bed, and perhaps unattended to, for long stretches of time
  • Severe health complications such as strokes, seizures or a sharp decline in health indicating poor oversight of the resident’s health, little time with nurses and doctors and/or poor administration of medication
  • Dramatic changes in mood or residents who become unusually pessimistic, paranoid or seemingly afraid of their environment, staff and/or other residents


If your loved one was abused or severely neglected in a nursing home in Texas, it likely wasn’t random. Instead, it just goes to show on a more personal level how pervasive nursing home abuse and neglect is in Texas, and how much work we have to do as a state to fix this problem.

Our lawyers for nursing home abuse cases work with families whose elderly loved ones were abused or severely neglected in nursing homes across the country — but that doesn’t mean we don’t take extra care with our clients whose loved ones were hurt right here in Texas. Our main headquarters have always been right here in the Lone Star State. We just think it’s time for all of us to admit that we could do better when it comes to protecting our elderly loved ones from harm — because good and personal care is something, after all, that only a real Texan can understand.

If your loved one was injured, abused or seriously neglected in a nursing home in Texas, your potential nursing home abuse lawsuit may be critical to holding nursing homes accountable and keeping all of our elderly loved ones safe. We represent victims of nursing home abuse in lawsuits against negligent care facilities across the state including Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. For a free consult, call a Texas nursing home abuse lawyer at 866-612-0246 or contact us online at any time.

Let’s make Texas safe for elders!

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