Testosterone Supplements: You May Not Need Them, and We May Not Know Just How Dangerous They Are

Dr. Lisa Schwartz, professor at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, said it best:

“We’re giving people hormones that we don’t know they need for a disease that we don’t know they have, and we don’t know if it’ll help them or harm them.”

The low-T epidemic and infomercials-galore are more sham than substance, a marketing ploy that plays off of men’s desire to live as happily and high-energy as possible. The infomercials and pamphlets spread out in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices around the country — around the world, actually — seem to spell out this simple truth: Older men suffer a reduction in testosterone that leaves much to be desired, from their mood to their energy and even their sex life. With a simple once-a-day testosterone supplement, you can get back to where you used to be. You can be, so say the voiceovers and the big bold letters, as good as new, a brand-new manly man.

Instead, for many men taking testosterone supplements there were strokes, and there were hearts attacks. In a cost-benefit analysis, then, testosterone supplementation may fall far short.

It could be because testosterone supplementation has not been sufficiently tested. We are still waiting for longitudinal (long-term) studies to be published. We have already discovered the associated risk of dangerous cardiac events. What will we learn in ten years? In twenty?

If you or someone you know suffered an adverse cardiac event such as a stroke or heart attack after beginning testosterone supplementation, please contact one of our testosterone lawyers for a free and confidential consultation at 866-520-2755 as you may be able to file a testosterone lawsuit. In order to file a testosterone lawsuit, you will have needed to have your testosterone levels tested before you started taking testosterone. If you did, please give us a call.

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