What Did Johnson & Johnson Know About Talcum Powder Risks?

September 26, 2016  |  Pharmaceuticals, Dangerous Drugs & Devices, Talcum

In recent months, jurors have awarded plaintiffs $127 million in talcum powder lawsuit verdicts against Johnson & Johnson. The company’s failure to warn consumers of the potential dangers of its talc-based products is very likely one of the chief reasons why.

An Alleged Cover-Up

Plaintiffs are alleging that Johnson & Johnson chose not to provide warnings for its products that women using them for feminine hygiene could be at an increased risk for ovarian cancer. In two separate cases, Missouri juries awarded $72 million and $55 million to plaintiffs who said they developed the disease after prolonged use of Johnson & Johnson’s Shower-to-Shower and baby powder.

One allegation that possibly led to the verdicts was that the pharmaceutical giant distorted research showing a link between cancer and talcum powder – and also lied to the public about that link.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys claim that Johnson & Johnson and the talc lobby conspired to alter scientific papers in an effort to keep the mineral from being classified as a carcinogen. The Huffington Post recently ran an article stating that the Talc Interested Party Task Force (TIPTF), a talc industry lobby group, released false information regarding talc safety to consumers.

The TIPTF, according to the article, later threatened a lawsuit against the U.S. National Toxicology Program in order to prevent the NTP from classifying talc as a cancer-causing material.

Johnson & Johnson is a member of the lobby group and the primary contributor.

Massive Litigation

There are currently more than 1,200 lawsuits that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson by plaintiffs claiming the company’s products caused their ovarian cancer, and there is a good chance many more will be forthcoming. If you are considering taking legal action against Johnson & Johnson, click here to contact Baron & Budd online or call 866-747-1424.

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