How We Can Take Justice Back (.COM) Together

February 25, 2014  |  Other

Guest Post by Burton Leblanc, Shareholder and American Association of Justice President

Corporations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure that your justice is denied and they are not held accountable when they do something they know is wrong. Let me repeat that: hundreds of millions of dollars.

But there is something you can do about it. Join the American Association of Justice’s grassroots campaign Take Justice Back today. They recently relaunched their website, a website that you can hear me speaking about briefly here. was created to do just that: to Take Justice Back for all Americans. The website is a place where individuals can join together to encourage corporate accountability and Take Justice Back from the corporations and special interests that are trying to limit consumers’ rights to the civil justice system.

As we often say, when corporations act irresponsibly, they must be held responsible because, if no one is accountable, no is safe.

The website is a place where I invite you to share your own stories of how corporations took away your rights, stories that, when shared, can grow in weight to create real change. The website also gives you an avenue take action on these important issues by sending a letter to your Member of Congress and adding your name to a petition. With our voices we can encourage others to get involved too and, waking up to the realities of this great danger, we can work together to protect our rights.

You could argue — I certainly do — that there are few things more important in our country than a balanced civil justice system where the rights of our country’s people are protected from corporate malfeasance. Sadly, this critical detail that serves as a foundation to why our country was formed in the first place is in danger. With virtually every signed credit card, new phone contract and automatic payment sent via PayPal, we are losing a piece of our rights to protect ourselves should we be harmed by these powerful companies.

I hope that this information encourages you to get on, to learn more on the website and to voice your opinion. After all, while corporate interests may have millions of dollars, we have our stories and our voices. Two things that, time after time, have been used to create real, positive change in our country.

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