Speaking Up for the Federal Labor Standards Act

August 19, 2011  |  Employment Law, Overtime Violations

We continue to be concerned about the rights of people across the nation who, during this tough economic time, feel like they have no options. Case in point: men and women who are fortunate enough to have jobs but are required to work overtime without pay.

Contrary to how some would “position” this issue, the cases of overtime violations we are seeing are not those of small business owners/ entrepreneurs relying on that go-get-’em spirit of the American worker. Rather, they are flagrant abuses of employees by corporations well heeled enough to pay fairly.

So how do these sophisticated, sometimes publicly traded corporations get away with not paying their employees fairly? The United States Department of Labor has established clear standards under the Fair labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the regulations are no secret in the business world.


Our take is that too many corporations rely on the very thing that the Department of Labor tried to overcome when it was established in 1913: fear. Sadly today, when economic worries are at an all-time high, fear in the workplace remains a tool by which too many corporate executives control, and ultimately abuse their workforce.

While we understand the hesitancy anyone would feel coming forward to report an overtime violation, we encourage people to thoughtfully consider the positive difference they can make by first understanding, then acting upon their inherent rights as workers in the United States.

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